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Man complains expensive birthday gift is 'wasteful' and 'obnoxious'; he's called 'rude.'

Man complains expensive birthday gift is 'wasteful' and 'obnoxious'; he's called 'rude.'


When this man is annoyed with his friend on his birthday, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling my friend that the food based gift card she bought for my birthday is wasteful and obnoxious?'

I (23M) just had my birthday two days ago, I don’t care much for birthdays but my friends and family still celebrate it.

One of my close friends couldn’t attend due to exams but she sent me a link for a food subscription box based gift card that was like goddamn 100 bucks and although it was supposed to be a nice gesture I just felt that it was wasteful.

Maybe it was the way I was raised but I just couldn’t fathom spending 100 dollars just on food itself , I complained or rather vented about it to our mutual friend during the birthday event and he snitched on me.

The friend who sent the gift card was really disappointed and texted me that she was sorry that I didn’t enjoy it but her reasoning was that because I liked food in general I could perhaps use it to treat myself.

I told her while I appreciated it, it just seems excessive and that too just on something frivolous like food. She also knows that I’m financially conscious and thrifty so I don’t know why she still did this.

This just escalated the situation and now she hasn’t replied back. My mutual friend conveyed to me that I was being a bit rude and I should apologise but I don’t exactly know if I’m in the wrong for feeling this way. AITA?

Let's find out.

usedeschwartz writes:

YTA for complaining about a gift. You do realize that multiple trips to the market will eventually add up to $100. It's not like you were give $100 to spend on a single meal. It's a subscription service that will feed you over a period of time which I assume you'd spend a similar amount on food over that same time period.

dingdongditch writes:

OP just sounds like a child on Christmas who didn’t get the gift he wanted. And using the “it’s wasteful” excuse to make it seem as if he’s not just being a brat. How is an edible, shareable gift wasteful? YTA.

smuglysly writes:

YTA and complete ungrateful. If you bother doing the math those subscription services can save money and time. Usually on the discounted or gifted starts to those subscriptions it’s extremely cost effective. It’s when the discount falls off that it wouldn’t be.

It’s also a great way to expose yourself to new easy to make recipes. We have a dish that’s been added into our regular routine that’s from one of these. For someone who supposedly likes food it’s off that you refer to it as frivolous.

You know we all need to eat right? And you are still spending that amount on food whether you realize it or not. Boy what an asshole you are. You definitely got the last gift you will ever get from that friend. And you prob lose the friendship all together.

Didn’t your parents teach you, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Well, looks like OP is a MAJOR AH. Or is Reddit being too harsh? What do YOU think?

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