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Man cuts women in line for bathroom at concert, uses urinal in front of them. AITA?

Man cuts women in line for bathroom at concert, uses urinal in front of them. AITA?


When this man upsets a line of women at at Taylor Swift concert, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for “cutting the line” for the bathroom?'

Went to a concert last night. Yes, that concert. I’m a guy so, there is (usually) never a line for the bathroom. Between Paramore and Taylor I decided to use the bathroom real quick.

I saw a line of women and figure they were in for women’s bathroom. So I said excuse me and pushed past them. I heard a bunch of people say “hey” or “woah” and kept walking. I was in side and the line of women continued as I headed to the wall of urinals (which no one was at).

A woman near the front of the line said, “ excuse me, there’s a line.” I said, “okay well I’m going to use the urinal and there’s not one for that.”She said, “I don’t care. There’s a line. Wait in the line like everyone else.” I said, “no I’m not going to do that, since again, there’s no one using the urinal.” and went and started to go towards the urinal.”

The woman said presumably to her friend, “I’ll be right back, I’m going to get security to deal with this jerk.” Security wasn’t there by the time I had washed my hands so I just left and no one stopped me. They said I did something bad, but did I really? I am totally fine that woman were using the men's bathroom, but, did I really have to wait in line for something that wasn’t being used?

Let's find out.

squidhole writes:

NTA. You’re using the facilities for their intended purpose when no one else was. It’s like saying that someone can’t use the concession stand at the movies if there’s a line to buy tickets.

imaginaryants writes:

NTA. You clarified in the comments that this bathroom had not been relabeled as women's for a woman-heavy event. In that case, it would have been inappropriate for you to use the urinal, as the women have a reasonable expectation that they will not walk into the bathroom to see a guy peeing at the urinal. But when women jump over to the men's room to use the unused stalls? They know the polite thing to do is just avert their eyes and be happy they got a shorter line.

If that woman had successfully gotten security over there, they likely would have noted this was one of the men's rooms, and simply told alllll the women waiting they needed to move over to the women's room, so as to avoid conflict. She would have just screwed everyone else over, in her attempt to stop you from behaving totally appropriately.

She's a jerk. I'm surprised the line of women - who are usually quite appreciative when men don't hassle them about using the men's room - did not give her a few boos. Seriously, what was she expecting? Three people ahead of you, you see the urinals in sight. Nope, still got to wait. Two people ahead of you, still waiting. One person in the stall, while you stare at the empty urinals. That person comes out, and you wave the person behind you 'Go ahead, I will now use the urinal.' Freaking crazy.

keatonpotatoes writes:

This post is hilarious. There were 70,000 people at this show! The lines for women’s restrooms were insane but tbh I don’t think that makes it acceptable for women to help themselves to the men’s rooms AND get pissy with a man for using his own urinal when there was no line. NTA and I hope you enjoyed the show!

Looks like OP is NTA. Would YOU have called security on this man?

Sources: Reddit
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