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Man refuses to share food with MIL using 'gross' sharing method, she calls him 'greedy.'

Man refuses to share food with MIL using 'gross' sharing method, she calls him 'greedy.'


When this man is upset, he asks Reddit:

'AITA For Not Sharing Food with my MIL in this gross way?'

This happened early 2021 and my wife keeps bringing it up. I (23M) live with my wife (22F). At the time this happened, my MIL (38F) had just moved into our house with us.

I am an amateur bodybuilder, and I usually have a cheat meal every 3 weeks. I switch up my meals sometimes, either with pizza, burgers, tacos, you get the idea. But I always have the same dessert, which is Ice Cream. I go to this small mexican ice cream place that absolutely rocks. They serve their ice cream on sticks, just like popsicles.

I had called my wife, who was home watching movies with MIL. I asked both of them what type of ice cream they wanted. My wife asked for 3 different flavored servings, while my MIL asked for 4 different servings.

I myself had picked up 3 cookies and cream servings. I bought the ice cream and made my way home. Later that night, after dinner was eaten and we were all eating our ice cream, my MIL asked me if she could take acouple licks from the ice cream that I was in the middle of eating.

I politely told her: “No, but you can have my other ice cream stick thats in the freezer, it’s the same flavor”. MIL then proceeded to say that she didn’t want the whole ice cream bar, she just wanted to taste it, and get a couple licks off the one I was already eating.

Once more, I politely told her that I honestly didn’t want her to lick mine. I offered her the rest of the bar and i’d just grab the 2nd one sitting in the freezer.

MIL told me that I didn’t have to do all that and I can just resume eating my first one once she’s finished trying it out. I said no thanks, to which both wifey and MIL proceeded to call me greedy and selfish for not sharing.

I swear, I feel like any other person would have the same reaction as me in this situation but both of them have made me question myself to if i’m seriously greedy for not wanting to literally share the same ice cream bar with my MIL. AITA?

Let's find out.

quey48 writes:

NTA. That is so gross. OP's reaction was totally normal. Heck for many people food sharing in general is a huge no.

Heck I have known people who dumped boyfriend's/girlfriend's over them just helping themselves to food on their plate. They need to understand they aren't entitled to a taste of any food you are in the process of eating. That's super gross.

kareena87 writes:

NTA. When I read the title, I thought you didn’t want to share. But, you offered her a whole other serving. It is beyond bizarre that your wife and MIL don’t see how licking someone else’s food may be off-putting. And you’re not selfish, you were totally willing to share.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him?

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