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Mom tells husband he's a 'bad parent' to their son during his 'night with the boys.'

Mom tells husband he's a 'bad parent' to their son during his 'night with the boys.'


When this woman is livid with her husband, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for letting my son turn the TV off when my husband and his friends were watching a movie?'

This happened a few days ago. It was past 10pm and my (39) husband (42) and his friends were in our apartment watching a movie like how they usually do every week.

I have two kids, let's call them Alan (14) and James (8), and it's important to the issue that the younger one has been freaked out by ghosts stuff since WEEKS ago.

It's because Alan and him went to an sleepover at Alan's friend's house and they kept telling scary stories even though James gets scared easily, Alan says. I mention this because it's important to what happened.

I was in the kitchen when I heard Alan asking his father if he could change what they were watching, and I don't know what did he answered but then I realized they were arguing and when I went there Alan turned off the TV by himself.

I took Alan to his room (that he shares with James) and he told me James couldn't sleep because their father was watching a horror movie or something similar and James could clearly hear it since their room is next to the living room.

Their father and his friends just laughed and made fun of James so that's why Alan got mad, turned it off and they started arguing.

I got upset myself so I went to the living room and I kicked everyone out. My husband and I argued and I told him to sleep in the couch until he says sorry to both Alan and James, which he still hasn't done.

I think Alan and him haven't even talked to each other after that and I'm worried maybe I went too far.

When my husband left for work this morning James started crying cause he thinks it's his fault Alan and their father got upset with each other. AITA?

Let's find out.

cyclonichavonic writes:

Your kid is 8 years old, and his own dad was picking on and making fun of him with his friends because he was frightened of a movie?

Your husband needs to grow up and to learn that parenting also means respecting your children when they ask for something, even if that means changing the channel because they’re terrified and can’t fall asleep.

You nor your kids are to blame for what happened. Your husband is a selfish person and is only thinking of himself and his own interests before he thinks of his kids and their comfort. NTA.

hopper222220 writes:

Not to jump on top comment but NTA because my mom still makes fun of me for not being able to handle scary movies and haunted houses.

I remember she tried to surprise me with one as a kid and manhandle me in, so I cussed and screamed and fought her at 13, and then got screamed at and cussed out for ruining the whole night because family was there too.

To the point staff wouldn’t let her force me in because I reacted so badly. Please support your children. I’ve never forgiven my mom. And she’d just claim it never happened because she doesn’t remember so there’s nothing to be sorry for.

Parents who make fun of their kids don’t realize their words are knives. They’re traumatizing and define their whole life and relationship with said parent because the child never forgets. I have never forgotten. I’m 20.

Looks like OP is NTA. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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