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Mom gets flack from husband when she goes on an 'inappropriate playdate.'

Mom gets flack from husband when she goes on an 'inappropriate playdate.'


When this mom is concerned that she's making a parenting error, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for having a play date with a parent of the opposite sex?'

I (33F) am a stay at home mom to two kids, one of which goes to school so I have the mornings one on one with my daughter, my husband (34M) works full time.

We are not from the town where we live so one of the ways I’ve made mom friends in the past is by meeting them at the library. The library holds events on a weekly basis so you begin to recognize people and eventually become friendly.

For the most part the parents at these events are other stay at home moms but there are a couple of stay at home dads too (or parents who just have the day or morning off, etc).

There is another child that is about the same age as my daughter so the dad and I made plans to meet at the local museum one morning to let our kids play together.

I didn’t think much of it because we’re doing it for the kids, in a public place but my husband had feelings about it - he said that it wasn’t ok and tried to make me feel guilty for making these plans without running it by him first…

I was confused because I had asked him if it would be weird to get this dad’s number in the past and he said it wouldn’t but he said making plans was something different.

I explained that I didn’t think it was any different than me making plans with a mom that I have met and he has never cared about these plans, let alone as me to run it by him ahead of time before but it left me wondering…

Also, not sure if this information is necessary but the dad of the other child is also married and he is a stay at home dad. Reddit, AITA?

Let's find out.

realstareyes writes:

NTA. Your husband seems to project his insecurities onto you. That‘s the real problem. You didn’t do anything wrong and only provided your child with a great opportunity to have fun with a new friend.

akkoi writes:

NAH. Your position that this is just a thing where parents can chitchat while the kids do something, is valid. His position, which is that he implicitly distrusts any other guy wanting to hang out with you, is understandable and comes from his love and desire for you.

How to reconcile these? Well, my thought is that you both can have what you want... do tell him when you're planning to 'mom date' this guy; this will satisfy husband because you're so transparent. And you get to arrange your schedule and friends as you like.

ghandiownsyou writes:

NTA. As presented, everything's fine. Your husband has trust issues and needs to get over them.

That being said, I don't know your husbands history either. Could be he was cheated on before, could be there was some infidelity in his vicinity and he's just paranoid.

I'm somewhat sympathetic to him because I've been in the situation. My wife has never cheated on me, we've been together for nearly 20 years.

But a decade back when I was in the military there was a period where EVERYONE I was working with was suddenly finding out their spouses cheated on them and half the married couples we knew were getting divorced.

A few coincidences stacked up and I asked my wife outright if she was having an affair. She wasn't, and I shouldn't have questioned it, but sometimes circumstances outside of your control can get in your head.

All I'm saying is you're NTA, but don't assume that automatically means he is TA.

Looks like OP is NTA. Or does her husband have a point? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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