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Man mocks wife's hair extensions in front of his mom, so she 'humiliates' him.

Man mocks wife's hair extensions in front of his mom, so she 'humiliates' him.


When this woman is upset with her husband, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for what I did to my husband after what he said about my hair?'

So before I start let me just as that I'm into makeup and skin-hair care and spent time and money to look good and feel good.

My husband 'Reggie' (36) makes fun of it per usual especially when I'm wearing long hair extensions or thick eyelashes about change my eye color. but it's fine when it's not done in front of others.

He has (or had!) a mustache that he takes good care and lot of pride in. The other before we visit his family, he accidently shaved a part of it which made him look funny. He freaked out but decided to just shave it all off and wear a fake mustache. The way he's done looked so natural and real.

We got to his mom's house and then at dinner table, MIL compliments my new hairstyle. Reggie laughs sarcastically and says 'Huh..don't give her too much credit for it....she used extensions, that's not her real hair it's fake!!!'....his mom raises her eyebrows looking uncomfortable but he proceeds to raise his voice and say 'what?

You don't believe me? I can pull them and show you if you don't believe me!!. I was stunned but keep my cool and say 'oh you mean just like your mustache here?' He denies and acts like he had no idea what I was talking about and goes 'I don't know what you mean by that!!' While awkwardly laughing.

His family seemed reluctant to believe me so in this very instant, I reach out to his mustache and remove it which causes him to freak out and show it to everybody at the table. Everyone gets over the initial shock and starts laughing. He snatches the mustache and rushes to the bathroom.

Literally everyone was laughing at this which made him 10× times more pissed. In about 5 minutes he actually came back wearing it!!! And says we needed to go home.

I get in the the car and he explodes on me and goes hysteric saying I embarrassed the daylights out of him by doing what I did at the table and making everyone laugh at him. He said that I should have never ever come near his mustache much less touch it.

I reminded him of how this all started but he went on to say that his fake mustache was only a 'temporary' solution til the real one grows back, but I wear hair extensions and eyelashes to make up for my lack of hair which an issue he's been putting up with for too long. I got quiet because I felt offended.

He insisted that I went way too far and after we got home he stopped talking completely.

Now every time one of his family members calls he refuses to respond then say it's because of me he can't even speak to them due to cheer embarrasses and shame. AITA?

Let's find out.

ktawwwa writes:

NTA. He was perfectly fine when it was you being the butt of the jokes but once it was his turned freaked out. From the sounds of it he was using your hair and eyelashes to put you down and feel superior once that got flipped he lost his control of the situation and you.

I would personally keep an eye on how he reacts and if and when he retaliates for the embarrassment (KARMA) you caused him. Again NTA, and I'm proud that you stood up for yourself and fought fire with fire.

timebomb678 writes:

My thoughts exactly!!! She didn't 'retaliate' she finally stood up for herself. Husband's behavior is disgusting and I'd have a hard time staying in a relationship if my partner treated me like her husband treats her. He absolutely deserved what happened.

If his behavior continues I'd find a man who loved my hair extensions and lashes. NTA

Sources: Reddit
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