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Dad refuses to convert home office into bedroom for daughter, she says, 'f you.'

Dad refuses to convert home office into bedroom for daughter, she says, 'f you.'


When this man is annoyed with his daughter, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to turn my home office back into a bedroom for my daughter?'

Two years ago our daughter moved out to go live with her boyfriend. Just after she moved out I started working for a different company that allowed working from home so I turned my daughters bedroom into a home office. Half of my job is talking to clients on zoom so I needed a quiet place in the house.

A week ago our daughter announced that she is moving back because her boyfriend got a job abroad and she doesn't want to go with him. Me and my wife both agreed that she can move back.

We have a spare room in our house that we used to use as a guest bedroom but we haven't had any overnight guests in years so we just decided that she could move in there.

On Wednesday she moved back in and since then she's been constantly nagging us to get her old bedroom back because it's bigger and is on a sperate floor so there's more privacy.

We told her that I need my office but now she somehow managed to get my wife on her side and they're both nagging me. I told them point blank that I'm not giving up my office. And now they're treating me like I'm the enemy. My daughter even muttered 'f you.' So AITA?

Let's find out.

nouserlame98 writes:

NTA. Are you supposed to just keep this full bedroom untouched and unused for the rest of your lives?

She's an adult. She moved out of your house you can use whatever room in that house for whatever you want. That includes an office for you since you work from home.

You offered her the guest room to use as her own. If she doesn't like it then she can find her own house. For someone not paying any rent and being welcomed back home with open arms, she sure is entitled.

leftoverfleek98 writes:

NTA. I waited for our daughter to leave for her job, one week after college graduation, in NYC. She'd interned there, so we knew it was a good fit.

That afternoon, I bought paint. It's been 'my room for 10 years. Just to have my own door to crouch behind. It is a guest room, but its MINE. I shared everything for 22 years and it's cozy and it's mine. As I said.

If she moved back, we'd see about it, but her brother's old room is bigger. If colder. And part time wfh for her dad.

So. Nice they have a space for daughter. She doesn't get a say unless she's, like, in the garage with a sleeping bag.

akesgeroth writes:

NTA. You can't indefinitely keep that room unused for the rest of your life in case she bounces back.

Furthermore, you need your office for your work. Finally, she's not paying rent AFAIK while staying under your roof. Essentially, if she's not happy with the free housing, she can get an apartment.

Looks like OP is NTA. Is his daughter being a brat? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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