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Woman tells cousin's GF to 'shut the ____ up' on Xmas after she goes on 'creepy' rant.

Woman tells cousin's GF to 'shut the ____ up' on Xmas after she goes on 'creepy' rant.


When this woman is concerned about her Christmas party, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for telling someone annoying people at my party that we don’t respect their beliefs?"

My (19F) family has never had a Christmas party because my mom doesn’t like people sitting on our couch or touching our towels in the bathrooms, and my parents would rather just go to someone else’s Christmas party.

For the first time this year, we threw the Christmas party my brother and I have always wanted. I invited all my friends from school.

My cousin (18M) has a crazy girlfriend (18F), and she’s basically this Christian girl who is just insane. Our whole family can’t wait for him to dump her when he leaves for college. She thinks the world is 6000 years old, and always talks now about how some ancient boat was recently on a mountain, and she thinks it’s Noah’s Arc.

She started going on and on about it at the party, in a weirdly aggressive way like she was trying to convert everyone to Christianity, and this was the evidence she thought she needed.

Almost everyone else at the party was non-religious or atheist, including my whole family. And people were all just exchanging looks and giggling at her insanity.

I told her to quit her nonsense because this is the first Christmas party I’ve thrown, and I wanted it to be perfect. She was annoying people.

She said I have to respect her beliefs. I told her none of us respect her beliefs, and we aren’t Christian, you're being weird and creepy so please shut the f@*k up. My cousin is mad that she stormed out because she felt “unwelcome.” AITA?

Let's find out.

prestigiousidod78 writes:

Nope. Respect is earned. She's free to hold preposterous opinions, but no one is required to respect these preposterous opinions or obligated to listen to her prattle on aggressively about them. It was your home, your party. She was making your other guests uncomfortable and she outstayed her welcome. NTA.

infernalargulua98 writes:

I hate when religious people think everyone has to respect their beliefs. To them, respect means not criticizing them at all. In their mind, they should be able to spout whatever nonsense they want and the rest of us have to “respect” them by not pointing out how silly it all is.

I respect people’s rights to hold whatever belief they want, but I will not respect the beliefs themselves when they are clearly wrong and harmful.

notsanpaper writes:

NTA, she was proselytizing. But more importantly, I need you to understand that your first sentence in this is buck wild. Couches. Towels. What is so delicate about this couch? Why can't the towels be put away for a party?

Looks like OP is NTA. What would YOU have done in this situation?

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