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Pregnant bride calls fiancée 'delusional' for enabling his controlling mom. AITA?

Pregnant bride calls fiancée 'delusional' for enabling his controlling mom. AITA?


When this bride to be is concerned about her future MIL, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for calling my fiancée delusional after what his mom did leading up to the wedding?"

My fiancée and I are getting married. The wedding wasn't supposed to happen anytime soon but since I found out I was pregnant, his parents wanted us to get married as soon as possible. I'm 24F and he's 27M.

He comes from a conservative family and his mom has been up in the wedding planning posing as 'supervisor' to oversee and to 'catch & eliminate'' anything that could be seen as 'offensive'.

After the wedding dress fiasco ( I was told to get a dress that wasn't showing too much 'skin'...came the makeup issue. I showed my fiancée some looks I wanted to choose from and he gasped and said his mom would have a stroke if she saw 'these'.

I in frustration asked what should I do and next thing I knew but did not expect was for her to send me 'looks' of models with almost no makeup or light makeup. No eyeshadow, no glowy lipstick just...plain look.

I refused to choose from any of her suggestions and we had an argument. My fiancée came home and argued about how I'm planning on humiliating him and family at the wedding by wanting to look like a...'clown' and make a joke out of BOTH of us.

I snapped and called him delusional to think I'll let his mom get a say in what makeup I should wear since it's my face. He said there's no such thing as 'mine' and 'yours' in marriage and that I'm clearly too 'immature' for it. He has been avoiding me while saying 'you know why I'm avoiding you...' and his mom sent a text about how she has my best interest at heart. AITA?

Let's find out.

derethya writes:

NTA. Do not marry this person. Do not marry this person. Do NOT marry this person.Unless you really wanna marry his mom, because that's whose calling all the shots here.

But seriously. Don't marry someone who would call you a clown and an embarrassment. You deserve better.

extremerepulsiveness writes:

OP, I sincerely hope you read all of these comments…especially this one. It is 100% true.

YOU NEED TO GET OUT ASAP. DO NOT MARRY THIS MAN. Your life will become a living hell, and your future child’s will too. Please take these warnings seriously. I cannot stress this enough.

NTA. Your (hopefully soon to be ex) partner and his family are major AHs. You and your future child deserve so much better. Leave as soon as possible. I wish the best for you.

purpleneko writes:

So they’re making you two get married because you’re pregnant? His parents are doing it to save face. Do you even love each other or getting married out of obligation?

OMG a child wedlock!!! What if you miscarry? They sound like people that would blame you in a heartbeat. Nobody or law says you should or need to marry the father of your child.

Do you really want to be married into this family? They have no boundaries or respecting anyone’s autonomy. Divorcing this family will be a nightmare with drawn out custody battle. Do you want to have a child raised in this environment? A child would lock you in for at least 18+ years with these people.

You’re NTA - your make up, your dress, your body, your choice! Run as far away as you can and stop collecting red flags!!

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Is Reddit being dramatic though? Should she leave this relationship immediately? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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