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Woman yells at pregnant sister for 'stealing,' sister screams like a 'demon.'

Woman yells at pregnant sister for 'stealing,' sister screams like a 'demon.'


When this woman is annoyed with her sister, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for yelling at my pregnant sister?'

I (f18) live with my mum and stepdad, and my older sister Lily (f24). Lily is around 6 months pregnant with her first baby, and moved back in after her boyfriend dumped her.

After a long day at uni lectures, I came home and made myself dinner. After putting it on a plate, I left it in the kitchen whilst I went to the toilet and I got distracted because the family dog needed to be let outside to go pee.

By the time I got back to the kitchen, Lily had eaten my dinner. I told Lily that was my dinner and she just stared at me in silence. I went to go make some cup noodles and told Lily this was annoying. Lily said she was hungry and said she's eating for two, and told me to shut my mouth.

I started yelling at Lily and told her she should be apologising after eating my dinner, and that maybe she should learn how to cook for herself if she's so damn hungry.

Lily started screaming at me like a demon to the point where I didn't understand what she was saying and grabbed my cup noodles and threw them out the window, leaving me dinnerless and cup noodleless. Lily stormed out and went into her room.

I told my mum and stepdad what happened as they were very confused by the commotion.

My mum told me I escalated the situation by yelling at her and by my comments and I should apologise to Lily, and that she's probably just hormonal. I don't think Lily is owed an apology, I think she was just being a jerk, but what do you guys think.

Let's find out.

lockridge writes: was your food, she stole it. Pregnant women do NOT eat for two, 300 more cals per day is the usual thing we hear at the clinic I work for. That's like a protein bar not YOUR dinner.

And if she can't cook, what, is the kid going to end up eating trash all the time?

I wouldn't even talk to anyone in your house until they come around. Unhinged.

emotinoallydented89 writes:

NTA. Well, we know why Lily's BF dumped her. Being pregnant is not an excuse to eat other people's food and definitely not an excuse to be an AH to your sister.

Your mom is also an AH for backing up someone who stole your food and threw a second meal out the window after she was SUPER rude when you told her what she did wasn't cool.

Gotta get yourself on campus housing or something!

jollytooth74 writes:

NTA and I'll say this as many times as needed: I am a woman, I have been pregnant, and I'll never understand what the eff is up with so many people giving pregnant women a hall pass to act like absolutely despicable human beings, just because of their condition.

No amount of hormones makes you lose your ability to reason. Your sister chose to act on her impulses (whether they were motivated by hormonal changes or not) and that's a deliberate decision. Also, we don't actually 'eat for two', any doctor can tell you that, so she can quit that bull.

She ate your dinner, didn't apologize for it, then screamed at you, then ruined your second dinner.

You don't owe her any apologize whatsoever. She owes you three. Enough with this perpetuating this whole stereotype about the crazy pregnant lady! Maybe then some women would stop abusing it to do whatever they want.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Any thoughts?

Sources: Reddit
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