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Woman 'excludes' sister from vacation because of how she behaves while pregnant. AITA?

Woman 'excludes' sister from vacation because of how she behaves while pregnant. AITA?


When this woman is annoyed with her pregnant sister, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for not wanting to go on vacation with my pregnant sister?'

I (f23) have a sister Julie (f30). I have a camping vacation planned with my stepsister Eva (f27) and my stepmom Anne (f52).

We are all pretty outdoorsy people and planned to spend most of the vacation going on hikes through the woods and mountains and bike rides. I know that's not everyone's idea of relaxing but that's my type of vacation.

The vacation is planned for Spring next year. Now, onto where I could be an asshole. Julie asked us if she could tag along on the vacation.

She's currently pregnant with her first baby, and at the time of the vacation she'll be 7 months pregnant. Even before the pregnancy, Julie has never been an outdoorsy person and hates exercise.

It sounds bad but I think if Julie comes we'll have to spend the whole vacation accommodating her and listening to her complain, rather than actually do the stuff we planned.

I've taken Julie on a couple of hikes long before her pregnancy, and each time she complained the entire time about every little thing and held the group behind, and treated everyone like a personal assistant.

I talked to Eva and Anne in private and explained my view. They think I'm overreacting and being selfish, and said that if Julie wants to come on the vacation we shouldn't exclude her.

I said that if Julie is going to go on the vacation, then I'm not going to go. They told Julie what I said, now she's also mad at me and said that I'm being judgemental and that I can't stop her from going on vacation.

She told me I'm being a crappy sister and that since she's pregnant I should be more supportive towards her going on vacation. AITA?

Let's find out.

sdstartingout writes:

NTA. I think this line sums it all up: 'and that since she's pregnant I should be more supportive towards her going on vacation.' Your concerns were 100% warranted, because this is absolutely what she's going to do.

zestyclose writes:

Her sister has a clear history of not liking hiking and being a complainer. If her sister is okay to relax and read and hang out at the campsite while the others hike, that's fine. But with a history of expecting others to act like her assistants, I predict a very crappy vacation for everybody else if she goes. NTA.

serevas writes:

NTA - I frankly can't believe someone who is going to be 7 months pregnant would want to go camping and hiking. It's going to be an absolutely miserable experience for everyone.

Not to mention her statement to you that because she's pregnant you should be more accommodating is the most obvious foreshadowing I've ever seen into what she's going to be like on this trip.

I'd say go on the trip, have fun, and do your own thing. The people who decided she should come can deal with the problems they've invited.

Looks like OP is NTA. What do YOU think he should he do?

Sources: Reddit
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