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Daughter yells something 'racy' at family NYE party to embarrass 'prejudiced' dad.

Daughter yells something 'racy' at family NYE party to embarrass 'prejudiced' dad.


When this woman is annoyed with her father, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for shouting something 'racy' At our new years party and embarrassing my dad?'

I'm a 17F and I'm a lesbian. I've known since I was 13. I came out to my mother the same year, and she was supportive. She basically said 'I don't care who you date, I just care you're in a happy, healthy relationship' and I asked her not to tell my dad till I was ready.

I love my dad but he has some...questionable views. He's never said anything outright bigoted but he constantly complains about women and how we're overdramatic and talk a lot, and he made a pretty asshole comment about a flamboyant friend of mine.

He said something along the lines of 'I bet his dads real proud of him' very sarcastically. When I told him my friends dad was dead, he responded 'Lucky guy'.

I've also seen him argue about politics with one of my aunts (aunt 'Malissa' as she's important later) and he leans more toward conservative. Not exactly conservative but enough for me to not trust him.

For these reasons I was really hesitant to come out to my dad. I came out last year and he has been really dismissive toward my sexuality. He thinks its just a phase and that 'no gay couple stays together for life'.

He literally refuses to acknowledge it, and has been kinda distant toward me. He got upset when he saw my wallpaper of two girls holding hands and made a comment about it to my brother I'm not comfortable repeating.

Most of my family knows by now. The only ones who don't are so distant its not worth even telling them. We get together every year for new years, and like usual dad starts something with either Aunt Malissa or some other member of my family.

This year he decided to complain about video games and the internet ruining this generation and making us all lazy. He made a comment like 'the internet has made my kid think she's a damn [slur]!'

And just like that I was dragged into the argument. I tried to escape but my dad apparently had a lot to say and kept bringing up how he didn't think I was actually a lesbian and that it was all video games and the internets fault.

to Aunt Malissa's credit, she stood up for me and so did her husband (my uncle) but the argument was getting more and more heated and he kept dropping slurs. I got so fed up I just screamed 'DAD I LIKE BOOBIES AND I LIKE WOMEN' so loud I could hear my uncles and cousins on the porch burst out laughing.

My dad stood stunned since I don't usually raise my voice, ever. Aunt Malissa did her best to not laugh but ended up laughing anyways.

A few of my older family members stared in awe but for the most part my family found it funny and spent the rest of the party teasing my dad. My dad was so mad he went upstairs to my parents room for the rest of the party and sulked.

After the party was over my dad grew very cold toward me and kept saying how much I humiliated him and my brother said I shouldn't have said that and it was really inappropriate. My moms been quiet on the matter. So I come to you reddit, am i the asshole?

Let's find out.

purplewoodcarver writes:

NTA. And boy is he going to be shocked to find out lesbians have been around since before the internet and videogames.

realassumption7 writes:

NTA. Your family already knows your sexuality. And based on the information No one got offended.

If your dad is still holding on to his bigoted view and does not like to acknowledge your sexuality, it is his problem not yours.

But one thing I don't understand is why the brother felt the need to say that it was inappropriate.Basically saying 'I LIKE BOOBIES AND I LIKE WOMEN' and informing you are a lesbian are the same.

So unless there were underage children (less than 10 or 12), who might bug their parent on what does Boobies mean, I don't see any problem with shouting that.

unoficiosardini writes:

Nta.Your dad Is childish, a typical old grumpy face all 'younger generations are shit' etc. Older generations donated us global warning, Vietnam war, 2 gulf wars, Afghanistan war, global terrorism, economic instability etc etc so...

Don't be afraid, he have to understand how to behave.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Could she have handled this situation better? What do YOU think?

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