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Woman lets daughter watch 'weird' TV show, husband says, 'not on my watch.'

Woman lets daughter watch 'weird' TV show, husband says, 'not on my watch.'


When this wife is annoyed with her husband, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for watching a certain TV show with our daughter?'

I am (24F) and married to my husband Rick (25M) for three years. We have a daughters Sam (3F). I am a stay at home mom until Sam will go to kindergarten. I grew up catholic and so did my husband. I just stopped being religious when I grew up. Rick also left but has a much stronger opinions on the church than I do.

We both agreed not to raise Sam catholic and all stuff that goes along with it (church and sacraments). This month I just couldn't watch the kid shows anymore. They were driving me insane and are very annoying, I feel like they are just getting worse and worse.

So I decide to put on what I watched as a kid, which was mostly PBS shows (Curious George, Mr rogers neighborhood) and Veggie Tales. Sam likes them and I am not going crazy by hearing Peppa pig.

So today I put on veggie tales which has some religions stories in it. They use to be bible stories but branched out and teach moral lessons like don't steal. So today veggie tales was on when my Rick got home and saw what we were watching and freaked out.

He started going on about me trying to make our daughter catholic secretly. I told him no and that this show has good lessons and won't drive me insane listening to them.

We had a long argument were he called me a jerk and left the house. AITA for watching veggie tale with Sam?

Let's find out.

jestersprivelege writes:

NTA. I was raised athiest and watched the fuck out of Veggie Tales as a kid. I didn't even realize they were religious until I was much, much older. She's not getting indoctrinated.

beeblopbloop writes:

NTA - Even if Veggie Tales was explicitly religious there's a big difference between exposing your children to religious ideas and forcing them into it. I am 100% atheist, but that doesn't mean I hide religious ideas from my kids. Plus, 'Silly Songs with Larry' is objectively awesome.

illustriousshirt76 writes:

NTA. I’m agnostic, and my husband is atheist. My kids have watched tons of Veggie Tales.

They’re adorable, and model great, moral behavior. For the episodes that explicitly referred to God at the end, we would often have a conversation about how many people believe in a higher power that encourages them to act in kind ways...

though their dad and I don’t, but that we believe that our human experiences of hurting vs happiness are enough reason to always be as kind as it is possible to be (toddler version of our beliefs, of course).

We do our best to teach them about as many religions as we can, along with their traditions and stories. It can only make them better and more informed people.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Would YOU let your child watch Veggie Tales?

Sources: Reddit
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