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Woman warns sister that her 'online BF' is scamming her, sister says, 'f**k off.'

Woman warns sister that her 'online BF' is scamming her, sister says, 'f**k off.'


When this woman is afraid for her sister, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for preventing my sister from being scammed by this guy online by telling on her to bro and mom?'

My sister (20F) confided in me (19F) that the guy she's seeing online is about to get kicked out of the house by his parents and has nowhere to go and she'll be helping him with money from the college fund our mom had set up for her.

I was instantly alarmed as this is a common scam and even if it wasn't, this guy being kicked out of his parents' house is still concerning about his character, especially since they never even met irl.

I failed to convince her not to do it and begged her to at least let me tag along from afar when she withdraws the money and goes to meet him. She said yes.

BUT, when we went to the bank, she actually made a request for 6,000$ !!!!! I was shocked and kept hysterically begging her not to do this. She was carrying 6k all in cash and going to meet this guy. She got tired of me pushing and yelled at me to leave her alone and that she changed her mind about me tagging along.

She then just went ahead and hailed a taxi, I hurriedly went and blocked the door and begged the taxi driver to also take me with her, I told him she was irrational and didn't know what she was doing. I ended up going into the taxi with her.

On the way there, I called my bro and mom and told them what's going on. My bro said he was coming and I shared our live location with him.

My sister was absolutely mad and said I was horrible for doing this to her when I know how much she hates both mom and bro and doesn't trust them. She also said I had no right to interfere even if she was scammed or harmed.

She then stopped the taxi and ran out and growled at me not to follow. I ignored her and kept following when my bro in his car honked at us.

We both turned back and when I looked back again, my sister had started running while he got down from the car and we both chased after her. In the end, we caught up. My bro told her he'll be following her all the time until he sees this guy and he will get him to back off.

My sister just broke down in tears called us all fucking nuts. That she won't be going anywhere and to just leave her alone. We insisted she comes home right away which she did. She went to her room and slammed the door at my face and wouldn't talk to me ever since.

My mom said she will understand in time when she matures how big of a favor I did her and not to worry. But her reaction still ate at me and I'm not sure if I really did the right thing. AITA?

soilaffection78 writes:

NTA She could've been raped, assaulted, or killed. It is stupid of her to give a complete stranger money the first time she meets him and not to go with anyone else.

I met my husband online almost 22 years ago at 17 so I think I am speaking from enough experience.

We met in a public place and he obviously did not give me creeper vibes but even still I knew enough back then not to be giving him money or bringing large amounts of money and to meet him with others around.

Your sister sounds emotionally immature and also easily manipulated.

gravedancer40 writes:

My high school best friend got catfished by a guy for YEARS. She caught him in numerous lies but he always had a convenient excuse - he only sent her pictures of an actor when she asked for pics of him because he’s ugly...

he was going to visit her but got in a major car accident on the way and has been in the hospital last month, she couldn’t visit him because his mom had cancer, on and on - so she always believed him.

They eventually stopped talking at some point thankfully. But more recently he came up in conversation and I was like “well now we know he was catfishing you” and she was pissed. She still believes everything he told her and that he was exactly who he claimed to be.

lucyvarias writes:

Sister* (thank you for the correction 🥲) of the year award for OP right here. Even if it was all a bit crazy of a situation to have been put into on your end...

OP i would ask your parents to monitor the Fund thoroughly for the next few months at a minimum just to protect her from losing something she could really use down the line.

To add to this, OP tell the parents to contact the bank and explain everything as they can warn the bank of safeguarding issues, the bank has a duty of care to protect vulnerable clientele from such things and will put measures in place.

Looks like OP is NTA. Poor sis. What would YOU do if this was happening to your sister?

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