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Husband gets revenge on wife after she refuses to move her 'gross' bag. AITA?

Husband gets revenge on wife after she refuses to move her 'gross' bag. AITA?


When this husband is fed up with his wife, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for doing what I did to my wife's bag after she refused to remove it from the passenger seat?"

So my M27 car broke down, I asked my wife F26 to give me a ride to work in her car that I helped save up for and she agreed.

She's the type of driver that makes a mess in the car. Emoty perfume bottles, makeup stuff, empty cartoons and plastic bags and old air fresheners are all in the back. When I got to her car and opened the passenger door. I found her bag lying there. It was gross looking.

I asked her to remove it so I could sit but refused and said that the bag 'has' essential 'stuff' inside that she needs immediate access too like her lipstick or gum pack.

I was stunned when she pointed to the back and told me to sit in there. I said no, because the back was a mess and also, out of respect I should be sitting in the passenger seat where passengers should sit.

She insisted but I refused and asked her repeatedly to remove her bag. She didn't so I went ahead and get in and sat on it. She freaked out on me yelling about it then an argument ensued.

She removed it, put it in the back then started yelling about how I was disrespecting her in her own car and that she was doing me a FAVOR by giving me a ride to work, and should've just sucked it up and shown some respect.

I ended up taking the bus and she was mad because she claimed I damaged her makeup pallette that was inside the bag. She called me immature and said that I don't get to control and disrespect her and the things she owns. We haven't talked since I got home. AITA for sitting on her bag?

Let's find out.

fitsecretary writes:

I truly think you guys have bigger issues within the relationship, if it all kicks off over a bag and a car ride.

ninelefjeer writes:

I'm thinking that's the missing missing reason here. He didn't want to hold the bag in his lap. He turned it into a power play and wanted her to move it for him. She wanted it nearby while driving so said if he wouldn't hold the bag he could sit in the back.

I dated a guy who refused to ever hold my bag because men don't carry purses. I get strong vibes of similar issues here. I get that it's a reach and that I have no evidence. That's why I'm not including it as a top comment.

charliesmum97 writes:

I mean, huge grain of salt here, but assuming all posts like this are true, it amazes me how often the issue isn't 'I did A, now Spouse/Partner is angry and not talking to me, AITA?'

When really it's 'you are in a relationship where there is a serious lack of good communication skills, you both are clearly unhappy and not working as a team, and the problem isn't the bag, it's your relationship.'

Well, jury's out on this one. Is OP TA? What should he have done in this situation?

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