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Teenage girl puts 'hilarious' secret ingredient in shampoo bottle, family is angry.

Teenage girl puts 'hilarious' secret ingredient in shampoo bottle, family is angry.


When this woman feels a little guilty, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for putting a hilarious ingredient in my shampoo without letting my family know?'

so I (21) have blue hair and I was told by a hairdresser that the color sticks better if you put a little bit of hair dye in your shampoo. this was all good until my 12-year-old sister decided to swipe and use my shampoo.

she is blonde and the result isn't pretty. my mum is mad at me for putting dye in my shampoo and not telling anyone, this is my shampoo that i bought and i had placed it in the shower that only i use and my sister took it and used it in another shower.

she has done this before with other items and my mum also thinks i did this as a way to teach her not to steal my stuff (i didnt). so yeah the whole family is mad, should i have told them about me putting hair dye into my shampoo??

Let's find out.

acegirl985 writes:

NTA- it was your own product that you bought that you had in your bathroom.

I mean if it was like the bathroom both of you used and you both had products in there I could see maybe a heads up just in case she ran out of hers and didn’t realize or got the bottles mixed up or whatever but If someone intentionally took it without asking and used it then they deserved it.

Sorry it messed up her hair but maybe next time she chooses to borrow something she’ll actually ask first.

tinamaybe writes:

NTA. How is being the victim of theft your fault? You did something anyone with artificially colored hair should do to maintain it. Honestly, I'm surprised they had to be told. How inexperienced with hair is your mom?

Does she still use Suave and conditioners with alcohol in the formula? Geez, I feel bad for you. Instead of parenting your sister they're just blaming you for everything.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. What do you think?

Sources: Reddit
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