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Elderly neighbors keep asking for help; man finally refuses; says, 'you're so entitled.'

Elderly neighbors keep asking for help; man finally refuses; says, 'you're so entitled.'


When this man is annoyed with his neighbors, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for not helping my neighbors?'

Our old neighbor, Mr. B passed away last year. He was a very sweet old man, kind of like the neighborhood grandpa. He was a widower, and the last couple years started having mobility issues.

When it snowed, we would go over with the snow blower and clear his driveway and salt the walk. In the summer if I was out mowing, I would do his lawn too. When his health went downhill, we got his groceries and would bring him meals.

When he passed away, we continued to mow the lawn and take care of the outside of the house when it was vacant. His children were very appreciative and thanked us for taking care of Mr. B when they could not be here.

They eventually sold the house, and the new neighbors moved into the house in the fall. We introduced ourselves and did the standard neighbor greeting.

We noticed they didn't have any lawn mowers or snow blower, so we told them that they should get those things sooner rather than later since we typically start getting snow in November.

A few times when I was out mowing, the neighbor asked me to mow their lawn, and I obliged, but told him that they should really consider getting their own yard tools or calling a service.

We just had a huge snow fall, and are expected to get more this weekend. The neighbor came to my house early on Sunday morning and banged on my door asking when I was going to be out snow blowing as they need to get to work.

I told the neighbors that I was not going out to shovel/snow blow any time soon, so they may want to dig their cars out so they could get to work. He told me that they didn't have any shovels and explained that they were relying on me to come over and take care of it.

I told him that I was not planning on doing that, told him that he could borrow a shovel if he would like, but I was going back to bed. Don't be so entitled. When I did go out to shovel and snow blow several hours later, I did not do their driveway.

The neighbors are now angry at me, and he confronted me outside saying that it's my fault that they had to call out of work.

My wife thinks I should have sucked it up and went over, but I told her that I am not a landscaping service, and that I should not have to wake up early and shovel their driveway. It's winter and this is a ridiculous request. AITA for not snow blowing for the neighbors?

Let's find out.

emmiburr writes:

OP! Next time they bang on your door and demand you to clear the drive, tell them it'll cost $$$ (name an absurd price). If they huff and refuse, kindly remind them that they should go buy a snow shovel from your local hard ware store since that's a cheaper method.

If anything I'd also put up a ring doorbell and record their harassments if they keep it up. OH. NTA. You owe them nothing, what you did before was kindness for your elderly neighbor. Nothing more.

youcannotbeforreal87 writes:

I am just gobsmacked that they asked OP to mow their yard and he was just like “okay” the one time. They didn’t ask to borrow the mower to do it themselves (which to me is still a big ask for a virtual stranger) or offer to pay him to do it.

I know there are a lot of entitled weirdos in the world, and I personally tend to go way the other direction and avoid asking anyone for anything which might be even a slight inconvenience...

but I would sooner cut my own grass with a pair of scissors before I asked my brand new complete stranger neighbor to just mow my yard period, much less without offering an enormous amount of monetary compensation.

competitivebrunch78 writes:

NTA. Seriously though when you hear it's calling for snow most people honestly make sure they have shovels, salt, batteries, food,and water.

What person thinks I don't need to worry about that stuff bc my neighbor will take care of it? The entitlement of some people boggles my mind.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him?

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