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Woman can't stand SIL's unpleasant social media presence, calls her out publicly.

Woman can't stand SIL's unpleasant social media presence, calls her out publicly.


When this woman is annoyed with her SIL on social media, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for removing my SIL off my social media?'

I (34f) have been with my partner (37m) for 11 years. He has 2 brothers and one (35m) is married to a woman(34f) that I have a really hard time getting a long with ( So does the rest of his family from what I hear).

In the last few times we have had a family dinner, she felt the need to criticize things I post on my newsfeed on FB, I have a humorous personality where as she's more conservative and uptight so it seems posts or memes I share offend her.

I told her she is more than happy to unfollow(means my posts wont show but we are still 'friends on FB' and I unfollow her since all here posts are constant complaints about the pettiest things Dear Diary type ) me or unfriend me but she would just get more mad and told me I should just stop posting those kinds of things.

After the 4th or 5th time she decided to bring up and complain about my posts when we were all together, I just about had enough of her complaints so I took out my phone, looked her up on my social media and removed her from it while showing her, then said ' There now the issue is solved and you wont see my 'offensive' posts anymore.

She got extremely angry and stormed off, later her husband ( my partner's brother) texted him asking if I could apologize so she would calm down otherwise she does not want to come over anymore.

My partner told me I was a jerk for what I did and wants me to apologize but I told him I had enough of her constant nagging and complaining of everything I do and if she's that offended over it she should just get over the things I post and unfollow me or hide them. So AITA for unfriending her?

Let's find out.

clearowl78 writes:

NTA. Don’t fret to much about putting boundaries in place. My wife’s family are devout Christians.

I’ve had complaints that some of my posts are upsetting and borderline satanic, I post pictures of wargaming projects and models some are knights and soldiers others are demons and angels. I only use Facebook for silly posts and nonsense and I’ve been doing it for years.

In her culture if you marry into the family people come out of the woodwork wanting to get to know you so I’ve had friend requests from distant relatives that even she’s never met...

they’ve gone so far as to start talking to my extended side of the family which freaked a few out my side as they’ve picked up the phone to random strangers posting walls of biblical text to their messages.

mentalcomposer writes:

NTA. should have done it long ago and just not said anything.She probably wouldn’t have even noticed. And really? She won’t come over anymore- second problem solved.

ellydegenerate writes:

NTA. I wouldn’t apologize, f that. You gave her a reasonable option to unfollow your posts if she still wanted to be “friends” and instead of doing it she decided to keep complaining and make it an issue and try to control what you do. You fixed it for her since she wouldn’t.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Do YOU have any family members who you have to steer clear of on social media?

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