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Woman almost dies in car crash, confronts 'toxic' best friend while in hospital.

Woman almost dies in car crash, confronts 'toxic' best friend while in hospital.


When this woman is angry with her 'best friend,' she asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling my best friend to get the F over herself?'

My bestfriend is 34f and I am 29f. She has this habit of making everything negative or making everything about herself, even when it doesnt have to be. She was complaining about her husband before she even married him and now that is ten times worse.

She complains about a car she bought, even though she desperately 'needed that one'. Its just never ending.

And I have honestly been more supportive than I ever should have been. I have always been her venting ear and been there for her through absolutely everything.

Well, on Thursday she messaged me and was complaining about having been invited to her SILs house for dinner. Her and her SIL absolutely despise eachother and have for the 16 years that this girl has been married to my friends brother.

However, she could say no and chooses not to. Instead, she accepts these invitations and just messages me the whole time bitching about it.

So when she texted me on Thursday I was already having a bad day and I wasnt my usual positive, supportive self. Instead I said 'Just leave then'. She never responded.

The next day I got into a car accident while driving my BF to work (we currently only have one vehicle). I was rear ended while at a red light. The woman hit me going 30mph, which slammed me into the person infront of me.

Totalled my car, that I literally just paid off last month. My BF and I were sent to the hospital. Me for pretty severe whiplash and pain in my chest when inhaling.

My BF shattered his cheek bone and fractured his eye socket from the impact of the air bag. We are still currently in the hospital. I have been discharged myself but my BF has not.

So, my friend texts me about 45 minutes ago and asked how we were doing. I said 'We are both doing okay considering. Really don't want to be here though.

Hospitals give me the creeps.' She seriously responded with 'Just leave then 🙄'. So at this point I'm pissed because she was using my words from the other night against me and decided to not respond.

She texts again like 10 minutes and says 'Exactly. Not so easy to just leave is it?' This time I responded with 'Get the f*** over yourself.

There is a huge difference between me leaving a hospital when I have no car versus you leaving your f***** SILs house when you drove there and didnt have to go.' Now she is trying to guilt trip me by saying I'm overreacting. AITA?

Let's find out.

stellmac2010 writes:

NTA - I had a best friend like that once. I loved her, but she was toxic and I had to cut ties with her. She was sucking the life and joy out of me. Does she treat her other friends like this, or just you?

littlegingerfaire writes:

You're her emotional dumping ground. She shits all over you, expecting you to soak it all up like a good little leachfield so she doesn't have to be poisoned by it. You should stop allowing that, because you're worth more that that. NTA.

urgash54 writes:

Honestly you should reduce/cut your contact with her. It doesn't sound like that friendship is bringing anything your life, she took they fact that you were at the hospital after an accident to try and get a 'Gotcha moment'. I hope you and your bf are okay, better to lose the car, than either of you. NTA.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. What should she do?

Sources: Reddit
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