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Pregnant woman takes issue with her sister's 'extremely strict' wedding plan.

Pregnant woman takes issue with her sister's 'extremely strict' wedding plan.


When this woman is annoyed with her sister, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for saying I can't attend my sister's wedding?'

I'll keep it short. My (25) sister (31), let's say her name's Lisa, is getting married later this year. The wedding is child free.

I'm currently pregnant and at the time of the wedding will have a 5 month baby. I asked Lisa if she could come as well, but Lisa said no.

I accepted that and told her I won't be able to attend. I don't feel comfortable leaving my young kid with a sitter and my family would be at the wedding.

Lisa's pretty pissed off and said I'm trying to act holier-than-thou and punishing her for having a child free wedding. She said she wants me to be there and give a speech as the sister of the bride, but I told her I can't attend if I can't bring my baby.

She replied some of her friends have kids and they know a lot of trusted sitters, and she'll give me the numbers, but I've refused. Mom said she could stay home with the baby while I attend a part of the ceremony, and then she'll come (and I'll go home) but Lisa wants our parents to be there the whole time.

I don't know, I'm just looking out for myself and my kid but I might be being an AH? Lisa's upset that I'm not attending.

Let's find out.

samsaspd89 writes:

NTA.Not that your sister is an asshole to have a child-free wedding! That's perfectly fine.

What makes her an asshole is to insist on a childfree wedding, but also insist that you attend without your baby.

She can either accept children, or graciously accept the fact that parents of young children may very well be unable (or unwilling) to attend. She can't have it both ways.

klovegood writes:

NTA. Nothing wrong with wanting a child free wedding but don’t be pissed off when someone with children can’t attend. I totally get not wanting to leave bub at home with a sitter, especially when they are that young. Your sister will just have to get over it, she can’t expect you to ditch your baby just for her wedding.

ebenezersplooge writes:

Making an exception for a 5 month old kind of ruins the whole point of child free, I get that part. A 5 month old is probably one of the worst ages to be at a ceremony. She just has to accept OP is a mother and has more important obligations now

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her when it comes to dealing with her sister?

Sources: Reddit
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