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Male pre-K teacher gets punished for wearing 'inappropriate' underwear to school.

Male pre-K teacher gets punished for wearing 'inappropriate' underwear to school.


When this male teacher is uncomfortable at work, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for not buying all new underwear for work?'

I (22m) am a lead teacher in a 3K classroom (3 year olds). I have two assistant teachers in the classroom, both middle aged women.

I do a lot of running around and activities with the children, so the center has literally told me to wear athletic clothing to work. I am fine with that. I typically wear a t-shirt and either athletic shorts or joggers.

Now I’m a tall guy (think 6’6”) so obviously I have to bend down a lot if I’m working with 3 year olds. Apparently sometimes when I bend down the top of my underwear shows over my shorts and one of my assistant teachers insists on commenting whey time.

She’ll say stuff like “I see London I see France” and even comment on the colors. She’ll make comments on it not being professional. I want to clarify that my boss has come in to watch me teach many times and has not made any comments.

Yesterday my boss pulls me over and says the assistant teacher has made some complaints about my attire. She suggested I wear more “muted” underwear to work if it’s going to be visible.

Not only was it incredibly embarrassing to have to hear my boss talk about my underwear, but doing so would require me to literally go out and buy all new underwear.

All my current underwear are pretty bright colors except for one pair of white briefs that I’m not even sure still fit me to be honest.

I want to be clear that the issue is not that my underwear shows maybe once or twice a day (she even admitted that’s a natural part of being bent over so much), but the fact that apparently it’s “attention grabbing.”

This is incredibly embarrassing and I want to know if I’m the AH if I simply ignore it, as all my other feedback has been good and I can’t imagine them firing me over this. AITA?

Let's find out.

tarmaq writes:

WHY are more people not saying THIS? Seeing some guy's underwear EVERY FREAKING DAY would get VERY OLD. I wouldn't like seeing a gal's underwear either. It is NOT professional. It doesn't model GOOD behavior. YTA for thinking that your underwear showing on the daily is an acceptable thing.

okyesterday254 writes:

NTA, complain to your boss and HR that your assistant teachers are sexually harassing you by pointing out your underwear, especially quoting: 'I see London I see France” and even comment on the colors'.

This is sexual harassment and they can't demand you chage your underwear in any way. End of discussion.

engineerhue98 writes:

NTA. It is sexual harassment and moreover super annoying to do in front of kids. Kids definitely often find underwear etc funny but this teacher is literally sexual harassment behavior and teaching them this is how “adults” behave and it’s a cool way to be.

I wouldn’t care at all if my kid downtimes saw their teacher’s underwear band (that’s part of life!) but I’d be furious to know they were watching this scenario repeatedly and learning this is how you should treat your peers.

Well, looks like the jury's out on this one. Is OP being an AH? Is the assistant teacher the AH? Who is at fault here?

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