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Man uninvites his father from wedding after he 'betrays him financially.'

Man uninvites his father from wedding after he 'betrays him financially.'


When this son is angry at his father, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for uninviting my dad to my wedding because he took back the money he promised?'

I want to be clear that this is not about money. I know no one owes us money, but he promised and it is about his reasoning.

My fiancee and I are currently planning a wedding and my mom got herself uninvited as we found out she had made some jokes behind our back about my fiancee's appearance/style and saying she was never going to be anything more than a stay at home mom.

I was furious and uninvited her. A couple of people told me I was being an asshole as it was a one time thing she said not thinking it would get back to us. Also she was tipsy, maybe a bit drunk.

My dad recently found out she wasn't going to be there (they aren't married) and confronted me. He said what she said wasn't nice but realistically people shit talk and gossip, and I should give her the chance to apologize and move on.

I explained that I can't let someone who feels that way come to our wedding, and he said I was being ridiculous. He said he was no longer going to pay for our wedding if I was going to treat my mom like that.

I decided to uninvite him as I feel he is no longer a supportive person. My fiancee was privy to this conversation and is obviously hurt.

She doesn't want him there either so I feel the need to support her, but now my dad and his wife are telling everyone how we feel entitled to their money and how arrogant we are for uninviting everyone who 'disagrees' with us. I feel slightly weird about it because obviously he doesn't have to pay for our wedding. AITA?

Let's find out.

jollytooth57 writes:

YTA for taking such extreme action every time a guest does anything remotely wrong surrounding your wedding.

Yes, it's your wedding and you can invite and disinvite whoever you want. And yes, standing up for your fianceé is the right thing to do.

However, at least from the way you wrote this, it seems you don't have any kind of conversations with people before deciding they're out. And not just any person, but your mother and father.

You're like the soup nazi from Seinfeld, you just stand there and go 'no more wedding for you! Next!'. Heh. It's quite immature.

notfacsimile writes:

Yeah, YTA. Unless there's more to the story and your parents actions that you're not telling, you're being unreasonable and jumping the gun.

So your mom said one shitty thing. Does she have a habit of talking negatively about your fiance or making her feel inferior? Is she a generally toxic person? Do she and your fiance repeatedly butt heads? If not, then YTA. Allow your mother the chance to apologize and move on.

Same with your dad. The fact that they're not even married and he's still sticking up for your mother leads me to believe that you're being overly dramatic.

Kind of sounds to me like you need to humble yourself a little bit and, IDK, dole out apologies as well for your over the top reaction.

mcflythroaway writes:

NTA. Let's be real, your dad is upset you are holding your mother accountable and not rug sweeping her behavior. He thought that if he pulled the money as a punishment, you would just fold on it.

To be honest, it's likely that your mother has said much more about your fiance in the past, but this is the first time you were told about it. Her being tipsy isn't an excuse because the truth tends to flow more.

It also doesn't sound like your mom took any accountability for this either. Her excuse to your family was that you weren't supposed to hear it so it's not like she said it to your fiance's face or yours.

Keep defending her because this isn't the last time your mom will pull BS.

Well, looks like the jury's out on this one. Is OP being an AH or is his behavior justified? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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