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'AITA for thinking my husband is stealing from me? I asked where he got the money.'

'AITA for thinking my husband is stealing from me? I asked where he got the money.'


When this woman thinks her husband is stealing, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for thinking my husband is stealing from me?'

I f/33 live in a rental apartment with my unemplyed husband m/30 of 2 years. I work retail jobs (fancy i know) and I obviously barely can afford rent and bills.

Mom passed away 2 months ago. All I inherited from her (dad and his new wife took everything) was a gold bracelet. I keep this bracelet in my closet that no one - and I mean no one comes near except for me and my husband.

Days ago it went missing, It just disappeared out of the blue. I looked for it, I cried, I gave up looking and moved on. The other day I came home and found out that my husband bought a new gaming console.

I wasn't expecting that I asked where he got the money and he said he borrowed it from a friend. but as far as I know he only has 2 friends and both of them swore won't lend him a dime since he never pays them back.

When I reminded him of that he just gave me a look and asked if I was hinting that he took my bracelet, pawned it, then bought the console.

I shrugged and said 'well...don't you think it's strange that the bracelet just disappeared into the air? then 2 days later you bought a console?' he got mad and said that I was such a delusional b&$#@ to even hint that he might have stolen the bracelet.

He shamed me for it and said I'm just upset he's 'managing' his current financial situation and is still able to buy himself nice stuff, unlike me. We kept arguing til he took the console and left the apartment with it.

Said he was going to try it at a friend's house and that I'd better prepare an apology for when he gets back.

I didn't but I still think that it's all just so suspicious to be a coincidence. AITA for what I told him though? AITA?

Let's find out.

mrsbarney writes:

Oo that's a good one! I agree. Mother knew he was a deadbeat who would steal from her daughter. She made sure that 1 thing expensive enough to pawn got to her daughter.

Mother is now screaming 'LEAVEEEEE HIMMMM!!!!' at the top of her voice nonstop. Unfortunately, humans can't hear ghosts. As reddit, we must tell Daughter, to seriously leave and divorce him. Because that is what reddit does. NTA.

vacationtemple7 writes:

NTA. Your husband is a bum and you should never be with someone you cant trust.File a police report and they will send out pictures of the bracelet to every pawn shop. If the pawn shop has the bracelet, they will notify the police immediately and let them know who sold it to them.

seminoles7 writes:

NTA- You know your husband so if you think its possible he would pawn your bracelet I would say it certainly sounds plausible.

The timing is certainly very suspicious and if he hasn't been working I don't see how he could have the money unless he has been skimming money from you another way or hiding money he did have prior to being unemployed.

Looks like OP is NTA. What do YOU think she should do?

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