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Man 'humiliates' wife in front of their son when she reveals the 'truth' about grandma.

Man 'humiliates' wife in front of their son when she reveals the 'truth' about grandma.


When this man is conflicted, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for fighting with my wife about my mom in front of our child?'

My mom was a great mother. I had a really good childhood, especially considering how young she was and that my dad is a piece of sh**. I really appreciate how she shielded me from all of that.

My mom is married to my former boss, and while it sucks for me, I do believe she did her duty as a mother and deserves to be happy.

I used to work for 'Brandon'. This was one of those jobs where networking was everything, you really needed the boss to like you, and you had to present a certain image.

i will admit I tried way too hard and to put it lightly, Brandon did not like me. He was a condescending ass, and my mom was aware as I vented to her about work. He wasn't outright abusive, but did laugh at me a lot and make a few comments that weren't cool.

My mom and Brandon met at our wedding. Now I don't believe in love at first sight, but they definitely had something there, and my first instinct was eww, but they got serious really fast and I have to say he makes her really happy, and she has never seemed truly happy before.

I hate being around him, wish this never happened, but I am happy for them. My wife thinks my mom is a bad mother for putting herself first.

Recently my five year old son asked why we don't see my mom as much as my in laws (about once a month vs once or twice a week)...

My wife said that while my in laws were the best parents, my mom was a bad mom because she married Brandon who had not been nice to me, and we don't spend much time with her because she was selfish.

I was furious and told my son that was not true. I said we don't spend time together because my mom has a busier life, and because MIL doesn't work so they sometimes go over during the day.

I said that it was wrong of my wife to say that, and my mom was a great mom.

My wife told our son I was wrong and a good mom would not have married someone like that. I snapped and told my son not to listen to his mother, and she just doesn't like my mom.

I said that women with adult kids should put themselves first and maybe it isn't healthy how much we see MIL, but my mom is a great person and I won't hear anything more about it.

when my son went to play, my wife confronted me and said I humiliated her and was acting like a mama's boy.

she said I should not have raised my voice (didn't yell, but did raise it) and that I shouldn't be confusing our son when what my mom did was objectively not ok. AITA?

Let's find out.

mistletoffoss writes:

Esh. Next time you two children want to fight through a third party instead of talking to each other like f***** adults, try using the dog instead of your impressionable kid as the prop. Both of you suck. Grow up.

lemonrabbit1 writes:

ESH. No one is a winner here. you're both bad for putting your child in the middle of an argument between you and your wife. Neither of you were actually talking to your son, you were indirectly being jerks to each other about an issue it seems unresolved between the two of you.

Keep your son out of this. It's only going to cause him a lot of issues in the future. Discuss your issues like adults, don't use your son as a passive aggressive tool.

mommapantsonfire writes:

THIS! SO MUCH! NTA, OP. Absolutely, NTA. Your wife does not get to unilaterally decide to poison your kids towards your Mom. Those claiming the situation is such that you are in denial and she is standing up for you have an opinion.

This is not a cut-and-dry case of 'your Mom is evil' and, as such, your wife needs to respect you enough to discuss with you before bringing it up to your kids.

And then, on top of that, she has the gall to call you out for undermining her. Absolutely not! I fully agree you should not argue in front of your children, so don't start sh*t in front of your children, OP's wife. She's TA and this fully falls on her.

Well, is OP TA? Does everyone suck here? What do YOU think?

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