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Woman is angry at parents after they babysit and cause 'dirty diaper drama.'

Woman is angry at parents after they babysit and cause 'dirty diaper drama.'


When this mom is annoyed with her parents, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for being annoyed with my parents and what they did with my baby's dirty diaper?'

When I (39F) picked up my 15mo from my parents house yesterday after work (my mom (65F) watches her ~20 hours a week for free) her poopy diaper was wrapped up in a bag waiting for me with the car seat.

I put the car seat in the car brought the diaper into the house and asked if they wanted me to take it to the outside trash can for them. I honestly thought maybe they got distracted and it accidentally ended up in the car seat.

They said no, take it with me and throw it away in my trash can bc their bins had just been emptied that day. I thought that was ridiculous and said no, but I’ll throw it away in your bins outside and that’s what I did.

My mom was angry and short with me afterwards. Should I have taken the poopy diaper home with me? AITA?

Let's find out.

crispyditch8 writes:

YTA. You parents are doing you a GIGANTIC favor by babysitting your child for FREE for what is basically the duration of a part-time job. Least you can do is get rid of a shitty diaper. Don't be surprised if the free babysitting service becomes unavailable.

couturecrochet writes:

NTA. They are being a bit dramatic about this. They could have just let it slide. I see where you're coming from.

omchianti writes:

OP—Free babysitting for 20+ hours a week and all you had to do was take a bag of daughter’s poo home with you!

Why aggravate your mom over this one small issue? Just take the poo! Clearly they wouldn’t care if their bin was about to be emptied. Is this one small thing worth the price of paying a sitter who will throw the diapers out for you? YTA.

Looks like the jury's out on this one. Is OP an AH? What do YOU think?

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