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Woman gets called 'cruel' after she refuses to help sister who suffers stillbirth.

Woman gets called 'cruel' after she refuses to help sister who suffers stillbirth.


When this woman is furious with her sister, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to help my sister after she had a stillbirth?'

My sister has always been baby crazy while I had always been on the fence about being childfree. While we were growing up she would dream about being a SAHM and having 3 kids while I would say that I wanted to travel and not have any responsibilities. I was very adamant and my mom accepted very early on that I probably won't have kids and that my sister would be the first to have a child in our family.

My sister has been trying to have a child for the past couple of years with no luck. They are undergoing some treatments.Everything went ape shit when I found out that I was pregnant. I told my mom and I told her that I wasn't sure what I was going to do. She told my sister. My sister spoke to me. She reminded me about why I have always said that I didn't want kids. She told me that having kids is something that I should be 100 percent sure about.

Me and my partner had a long discussion after that. In the end, we decided to keep the baby. I told my sister first. She blew up on me. She told me that I didn't deserve to have a baby as I have never wanted one. She yelled some really horrible things. She admitted that she had hoped that I would abort. She even said that I am probably going to have a miscarriage or still birth because there is no way that the universe was going to bless me with a baby instead of her. She kept this up during the entirety of my pregnancy.

I cut off contact with her few weeks before my due date. She was becoming increasingly hostile and I didn't trust her around me or my family after that. The only few times I have seen her in the past 3 years was during my mom's last days and funeral. My sister left me a message recently and said that she had a still birth. She cried and begged me to help her as she didn't have anyone else.

I sent out a message saying that I was sorry for her loss. She again asked me if wasn't even going to help her. I told her that we haven't been sisters in a long time and it's not fair that she is expecting me to help. She just said that I am cruel person and hung up. For the past week, I have been receiving a lot of messages. Sometimes, she just begs me to help. Sometimes, she yells at me for not helping her. I haven't responded since the initial exchange. AITA here?

Let's find out.

matricide writes:

NTA. She's bordering on harassment. Its kinda sad that she based her entire life on motherhood. But she needs to chill out.

demidallas writes:

NTA she is a toxic parasite and you are not responsible for her sh*tty behavior. She's being abusive the only eay she can by harrassing you when you've made it clear you're not interested in contact. Don't give her a foot back in the door of your life, especially not on your own terms.

rileygrayy writes:

NTA. While her trauma is real, so is yours - and she’s been the cause of so much misery to you that it’s probably in your best interest to stay low contact until she can get through her pain and talk to you without being hostile. I’m sorry for her loss of her baby, but I’m also sorry for your loss of a supportive family structure.

sarcasticstrawberry writes:

NTA. What a cruel, hateful thing to say to someone. She literally wished harm to an unborn. I wouldn't go into contact with her. She's royally messed up and seemingly thinks she's owed a baby. I'd be worried she'd just take yours, if it came to it. She seemingly thinks she's owed one and you don't deserve one..

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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