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Woman wants to wear 'weird' dress in public; her brother says, 'don't embarrass me.'

Woman wants to wear 'weird' dress in public; her brother says, 'don't embarrass me.'


When this woman is concerned about her brother, she asks Reddit:

'WIBTA if I wear my period dress when I take my brother to the mall on Friday?'

I (19f) have a thirteen year old brother named Milo. Milo is a nice kid with a close group of friends. Since Milo is too young to drive, and our parents work, I am usually the one to drive him to his meetups.

Milo and his friends want to go to the mall next Friday. I said ok since I’m planning on catching the Downtown Abbey movie with some friends that day. Well earlier my mom pulled me aside and asked what I was going to wear Friday. I am a history student and I go historybounding as a hobby.

Plus my friends and I like to dress up in period clothes when we see a movie set in the past (ex 20s dress for Death on the Nile and Fantastic Beasts 3, Viking inspired costumes for The Northman.). We are huge Downtown Abbey fans, so of course we’re going in the appropriate dress. Why shouldn’t we?

My mom asked if I wear “normal” clothes to see Downtown Abbey. Apparently some of Milo’s friends and classmates got wind of my hobby and started making fun of him for having a weird sister who is always wearing bustles and corsets and flapper dresses everywhere.

I get that Milo is upset about the bullying. Middle school sucks. But I am not changing how I dress to appease some grade school bullies. Not to mention, it’s Downtown Abbey. I and my friends have been dying to see this movie and I have a dress I really want to wear to see it.

My mom is asking me to please consider Milo’s feelings and to please wear something “normal” when I take him to the mall. I told her I’ll think about it, but she is still haranguing me about the issue. I have until Thursday to decide. WIBTA if I go with my original plan to wear my 1930s dress when I take Milo out this weekend?

Let's find out.

corgihuntress writes:

NTA tell your mom she should take him and his friends to the mall since you're an embarrassment, but she raised you to be a strong, independent woman who does not give in to high school bullies and have no intention of doing so now.

kitterkittermewmew writes:

NTA- him going to the mall is an optional thing. If this was something like dropping him off at school, I would suggest a kind compromise. But he doesn’t get to ask for a favor for an optional activity and then demand how it’s fulfilled.

This is simple. He asked a favor. You said how you could accommodate. If he doesn’t like it, he can ask someone else. Done.

It seems like OP is NTA. But should she be more careful considering her brother might get bullied? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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