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Man says 'too bad' to family members when they complain about family reunion menu.

Man says 'too bad' to family members when they complain about family reunion menu.


When this man is annoyed with his family, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for saying 'too bad' when some family members didn't like the food at our reunion?'

My parents celebrated their 45th anniversary this month.

My brother and I (M) decided to have a family reunion as our gift to them because our parents have often said they miss seeing many members of the family and it was a shame they didn't get to see them for so long.

This reunion has been in the works since last year to give people time to plan.

My wife and I love to cook and we said we'd handle a large portion of the food. We sent out invitations about 7 months ago. On the invitations we stated to please let us know about food allergies so we can plan accordingly.

Last month I emailed everyone that they can bring something if they chose to and listed out all the food allergies I had been told. No one had any questions or brought up dietary restrictions.

Pretty much most of our family from both sides showed up and we invited a lot of our parents' friends so there was a whole lot of food to feed that many people.

During the party two cousins came up to my brother and I and asked us about the ingredients in a lot of the dishes, and were saying how they couldn't eat a lot of stuff because it had meat or dairy in them.

Turned out one cousin was vegan, and the other was vegetarian, and there were 3 other people vegan or vegetarian there but these 2 were the only ones that didn't find anything to eat.

I apologized for the lack of vegan options because I wasn't aware but there were vegetarian friendly options and these 2 said that there wasn't enough options and not 'done up' like a lot of the other dishes and sides.

Mind you, we had more than just salad as an option. There was also macaroni cheese, grilled veggie skewers, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad, mushroom steaks, devilled eggs, fruit ambrosia, and homemade veggie burgers.

I asked them if any of those were suitable and they said no and how the reunion was a bummer because they couldn't eat any of what was offered except maybe veggie burgers when everyone else was feasting.

Here's where I might've been an ass. I pretty much told them 'Too bad, you should had said something when I sent out the invitations asking about allergies or you could've just brought something yourself.'

Nothing else was said but they were giving some side eyes and loudly complaining the rest of the afternoon and one of my aunts took me aside after the reunion to tell me I had been a bad host to some guests because they just sat around watching others eat and I didn't take their concerns seriously.

I thought I had done enough just asking about allergies but my brother and I have been wondering if we should've done more for the people we invited. AITA?

Let's find out.

mannequinlolita writes:

My favorite bbq place makes smoked, amazing portobello and it is just as delicious as the brisket they make. Nom. Seriously there was shrooms, veggie skewers and veggie burgers alone for the vegans that's a lot of food.

This is really petty. It isn't like some southern potluck where every green and bean had bacon in it, even down to the damn potato salad. This is a good spread. NTA.

lupusev45 writes:

Agree NTA, but I've started saying 'Hey, is there anything you don't eat?' when inviting people for dinner. I've run up against 'vegan, but also hates like a whole bunch of vegatables' before, and apparently 'do you have any food allergies or dietary things?' didn't cut it in getting this info out of them.

gaslightingsurvivor writes:

I also think the Aunt is TA here. Even if she got some warped version of the story from the cousins, she could see all the food OP provided. And to call OP a 'bad host' was just wrong and unbelievably rude. SHE was a bad guest!

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him?

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