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Woman freaks out when husband's parents visit and insist on sharing their bed. AITA?

Woman freaks out when husband's parents visit and insist on sharing their bed. AITA?


When this woman feels uncomfortable, she asks Reddit:

'WIBTA Sleeping with husband and parents in law in the same room?'

My husband’s parents are visiting us (we live in a different country). They stay in a hotel but they want me and my husband to sleep with them in the same hotel room while we have our own house to stay (10 min driving). After days being asked, I gave in since there is a spare bed in the room.

Now we travel to another city and we ended up staying at the same room with only one bed. I insisted to book another room — we did, but they made a big deal out of it and cornering us for not staying in the same room as them, saying things like we are wasting money etc.

I understand they used to sleep with their son in the same hotel room whenever they are on a trip, but now he is married and I’m not used with such family culture. I don’t even share a room with my mom/parents let alone sharing a bed, at all.

They are nice but I believe we should set boundaries here. I feel like they are sad and think I am taking some space for them but I just really can’t. I also feel bad for my husband to put him in a such difficult position. However, I’m an introvert who values privacy and it’s weirded me out to have to share a bed with them.

Let's find out.

lividrip writes:

NTA. I really just cannot understand this concept at any degree. Sure when I traveled with my dad to visit family, my two brothers shared a bed and I shared a bed with my dad, we were a whole lot younger. You’re all grown, married, not traveling together (10min drive) and… it’s just so strange.

artistictough writes:

NTA this is bizarre I wouldn’t stay in the same room 2 beds or not. My IL wanted to book a lake house for a week last summer everyone ride in a huge van and stay all together before I could say I wasn’t comfortable my partner said we would join but in a hotel and we would be driving our own car. The idea was cancelled cause they were counting on us paying

lameusername writes:

NTA. You married into an odd family. Exactly what culture requires adult children to share a room & a bed w/ their parents? I'm super curious. I'm also wondering why you two even agreed to it to begin with. This is a unique conundrum for sure.

Looks like OP is NTA. Does she need to leave this family? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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