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Woman kicks out friends after they 'throw a fit' over 'inappropriate' salad. AITA?

Woman kicks out friends after they 'throw a fit' over 'inappropriate' salad. AITA?


When this dinner host is humiliated by her friends, they ask Reddit:

"AITA for refusing to host my friend and her sister after they threw a fit over the salad ingredients?"

That sounds really bizarre, however my friend and her sister are now both pissed off at me and calling me an a*&hole for 'leaving them stranded'.

I (30f) have a friend I have known for 10 years Natalie (28f). Natalie has an older sister Mica (37f) who works at a 'high end' restaurant in our home country. Both Natalie and Mica wanted to go on a holiday and decided to come and visit my country (I have moved about 8 years ago to the UK).

I have agreed to be their tour guide and show them around, but have told them they will have to stay in the hotel as I don't have space in my flat to have 2 guests around for 2 weeks and I didn't know Mica that well either.

Natalie had no issues with it and a few days before their arrival (Saturday) has asked me to book a restaurant as both of them wanted to have something nice and the internet connection wasn't great as they were traveling.

I have booked a restaurant where a good friend of mine is a chef and it is a family run business where the food is absolutely delicious, it also has many 5 star reviews and a local favourite.

When Natalie and Mica have arrived, I gave them time to get ready and took them to the restaurant. Both of them order Caesar Salad as 'Mica tries it everywhere and since she works in a restaurant herself she judges the place by how they make the salad and how correct the recipe is'.

My friend personally brings our order and Mica starts throwing a fit and arguing with my friend that the Caesar she has been served is not correct as it doesn't have tomatoes, olives and boiled egg. Basically my salad was inappropriate.

My friend tries to be polite and asks her if she wants these ingredients as extra toppings, but neither Mica or Natalie are having it and started creating even bigger argument to the point of Mica insulting my friend by calling him a bad chef since he can't make a simple salad correctly. So my friend has asked them to leave his restaurant and never come back.

I apologied to my friend and left a big tip, I also explained that I had no idea they would behave this way.

After I left, both Natalie and Mica started slagging off my friend and telling me I chose the worst place to eat and I should be grateful that Mica has quickly recognised how bad this place is because they didn't serve the salad right, and that I should warn others not to eat there.

At this point I had had enough and told them they can visit the places by themselves as I will not be putting up with their entitlement any longer, especially since they keep insulting my friend for serving a classical version of a salad to them and causing a scene.

I also mentioned how embarrassing their behaviour was and that I expect them to apologise to my friend. They've refused to apologise so I called them a taxi and left them there, returning to my place.

Now I keep getting angry messages over social media from them and seeing passive aggressive posts calling me an a%^hole as they now have to spend extra money on guides and transport. AITA?

Let's find out.

ghostpanthernial writes:

NTA. I used to be a chef and I’m from the UK. Everywhere is serving it’s own interpretations of things and recipes evolve to fit the business. Eggs are (according to google) fairly standard in the US but not so much here.

Olives aren’t a standard part of any recipe I can find. It’s like complaining that a margarita from Pizza Hut doesn’t have fresh basil and has more than one type of cheese even though the classic recipe is basil, tomatoes and mozzarella. She’s a clown and very rude.

bmyst88 writes:

NTA. Granted I'm in the US, but I've ordered Ceasar salad many times from many different restaurants. I think only one had eggs and tomatoes in it.

In any case, your friends' behavior was appallingly rude. As in I'm 51 years old and have never seen such awful behavior in my entire life.

I've been out with friends when something wasn't right. They were always polite in their requests and never made a scene like your friends did. I'd be profoundly embarrassed if my friends did what your friends did.

They are 1000% the AHs here. Honestly, I'd drop them as friends. How we treat people we consider our social 'inferiors' speaks volumes about our character. Think about what that says about them.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for them?

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