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Woman 'humiliates' MIL in front of family, says, 'I had to get revenge on this woman.'

Woman 'humiliates' MIL in front of family, says, 'I had to get revenge on this woman.'


When this woman is angry at her MIL, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for humiliating MIL at a family dinner ?'

I (27f) haven't gotten along with my MIL for the better part of my relationship with my partner (27m). She has said a lot of mean things about me that are honestly just childish and cruel (I won't get into the he said she said stuff).

I've become exhausted with her, especially as I've moved into my career, moved town and am in the process of getting married/ buying a house. In the past few years shes taken to outright ignoring me, speaking over me, pretending i dont exist.

As a result, I've mentally checked out from trying to make things working with her and in part so has my partner. Let me make it clear, I support whatever relationship he wants to have with her, but I'm done trying to be her friend.

We were at a family dinner party (my partner asked me to come along) recently where she started asking him about when he's having children. She kept pestering him and asking when she's getting grand babies and that she wants children around.

This has been something shes been harping on a lot about lately and its getting on my nerves. My partner asked her to stop several times but she kept bringing it up. I was sat there silent for a bit, but I think the wine got the best of me so I kinda snapped.

I turned to her and started asking what she wants to know about our private life?? What kind of protection we're using, what positions we've tried, what toys we use. I started to list them all.

Lets just say I used very inappropriate language for a dinner table, even throwing in a 'do you have any pointers for me, or maybe it'd be best if you just came and watched to make sure we're doing it right'.

At this point she was yelling at me, having a go at my partner for 'letting' me speak to her like that and crying about how mean I am. We got up shortly after and left.

I'm infertile. She isn't aware of this, I'd never give her that info to weaponise against me. But just for the people commenting to keep kids away from her, I won't have any to keep away from her but thank you for the advice.

I know your hearts in the right place. My partner has told her several times we won't be having children and to drop it. Since my partner always wanted children, she's assumed that I simply don't want children and am taking that away from him.

My partner thinks I took it a bit far in front of his family, and his aunties have said it was wildly uncalled for and mean. I don't really feel bad for it though, should I? AITA?

Let's find out.

likeahike writes:

NTA, I found this extremely funny, but I'm Dutch and we like a no nonsense attitude. I think you need to put her in a time out and not let your frustration get to the boiling point. Go no contact if you have to, even if your husband still sees her on occasion.

spritualbridge6 writes:

NTA. What you did just made me like Dutch people even more! šŸ¤£Anyway, I guess you can drop all pretenses and go completely NC with that woman.

Your partner can go & meet his mom, speak to her on phone etc but you are so done! What’s the point in going on meeting a toxic person when you know nothing good is gonna come out of it.

redcore4 writes:

NTA - your infertility is EXACTLY the reason it’s never appropriate to comment on the status of anybody’s uterus.

Her not knowing about it does not make your reproduction her business but she shouldn’t assume it will always be easy for everybody to produce kids even if that’s what they want to do.

There were lots of ways to shut that conversation down that were less brutal to the rest of the family (example: “if you want babies around so much, have you considered being a foster parent?”

Or even “if we had kids I wouldn’t want them being around somebody who can’t show good manners and stop prying”) but you don’t really owe her that consideration.

What you did was no more rude than her trying to pry into and direct what happens to your body when you’re not comfortable with that discussion.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Should she cut MIL out of her life?

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