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Woman flips out on husband when he hacks her daughter's email, hubby says, 'I had to.'

Woman flips out on husband when he hacks her daughter's email, hubby says, 'I had to.'


When this woman is annoyed with her husband, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for flipping out at my husband for cancelling my daughter's job interview?'

My daughter 'Mia' is 23 years old. She's a college graduate and recently started looking a job.

Her stepdad, my husband has been begging her to come work at his company but she refused because she said that most employees there are men, and that they make uncomfortable comment about women and they make her feel uncomfortable...

(she went tk the company many times and was feeling uncomfortable) she said that in those 30-40 minute visits she couldn't handle the negative vibe so she couldn't imagine working there 8+ hours everyday.

My husband insisted and basically gave her a 'pros list' that he though is enough to make her reconsider. She still refused.

Her best friend found her a job opportunity at a company that's well known in our area and Mia was excited beyond measure. She even went shopping for new clothes just for the interview.

However, the day of the interview, I got a call from her crying saying her interview was cancelled. I was confused thinking something must've gone wrong but she said that her stepdad got home and told her he cancelled the interview using her email which led to an argument.

I was livid I went home and I flipped out at him, like I just lost it on him and he was shocked by my reaction. He defended himself saying he did this for her own good and that he was frusrtated after she kept turning down his offer to join him in the company.

He lashed out saying that instead of siding with her I should encouraging her to join the company and help make it better instead of working for others. I got out of the room and he shut the door and stayed inside the whole time.

We're still on non speaking terms but he occassionally threw in how he just wanted what's best for the whole family but now Mia missed an opportunity to work with a respectable company and gain the benefits that'd help her progress in her career. AITA?

Let's do it.

reckless782 writes:

NTA. Your daughter is an adult, she gets to make adult decisions. One of them is not working for her stepfather.

See if she can't reschedule that interview. Something to the effect of:

'Good morning [person], My profuse apologies for the previous e-mail and confusion. This account was accessed by somebody who does not represent me and should not have the authority to speak on my behalf.

I have taken steps to secure my e-mail account so that this does not happen again. Would you be so kind to allow me to reschedule my interview?'

Edit: in case you (or anybody else reading) decides to take this advice, I honestly wouldn't add or remove any detail from this example.

Too much detail makes it sound like you have excuses; too little makes it sound like you don't care enough. Say exactly what information you would need to know if the roles were swapped - no more, no less.

crystalqueen3000 writes:

NTA Is he normally this domineering and controlling?

Dude straight up hacked her emails and ruined an opportunity that she actually wanted.

Your daughter has good judgement in not wanting to work anywhere near him.

imothro writes:

NTA - report this to the police. What your husband did was commit fraud, and possibly illegally accessed your daughter's email as well.

Make it clear to your husband that he's making choices that ensure his daughter will not speak to him ever again. Consider whether you want to spend your life with somebody who could do this to someone he claims to love.

If your daughter still lives at home, please do what you can to get her out of there and away from your abusive husband.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Can you believe this guy did this? What should she do now?

Sources: Reddit
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