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Woman eats 'too much' ice cream while WFH. Is she a glutton? Roommate says yes.

Woman eats 'too much' ice cream while WFH. Is she a glutton? Roommate says yes.


When this woman feels judged by her roommate, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for eating all four pints of Ben and Jerry's ice cream?'

I (26f) live with a roommate (26f). We don't grocery shop together, but I have no problem with it if she ever wants any of my food. In fact, sometimes I'll tell her 'Hey, I got milk/ice cream/cookies/whatever - feel free to help yourself.' She occasionally takes me up on this. I don't ever eat her food, aside from if we're cooking together or if she made something and directly offered it to me.

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store, and Ben and Jerry's was on sale (2 pints for $4). So I bought 4 pints of some of my favorite flavors, but also one that I knew was my roommate's favorite. When I got home, I let her know there was ice cream in the freezer and that she was welcome to help herself if she wanted any. I ate half a pint yesterday, and roommate didn't eat any.

Today, I was stressed while working (wfh), and I ended up stress eating all the remaining 3.5 pints of ice cream while my roommate was out. When she got home, she saw there was no ice cream left and completely flipped out when I told her I finished it all.

She called me a glutton with no self control, and that my offer to share ice cream was really disingenuous if I was just going to pig out on it before anyone else could get to it. And she had been looking forward to a treat after work, and that I had raised her hopes up for nothing.

I apologized, but pointed out that she could've told me she wanted some and that I should save some. Or that she could've had some last night when I first brought it home. She just lashed out at me, saying this happens way too much. That I'll pretend to be generous with food, but then gorge myself before anyone else could get any. She then ordered doordash and shut herself in her room.

I get that she was disappointed when she got home, but I feel like it was my ice cream and I was being nice enough to even offer any at all and that she could've let me know if she wanted me to save any. AITA?

Let's find out.

blackmesa2323 writes:

NTA, but binge eating could be a sign of an unhealthy relationship with food. You should probably speak to a doctor or a therapist. No judgement.

maypopfop writes:

I feel that your roommate was needlessly personal and abusive with you, all over 2 dollars worth of ice cream. Whether or not this was a healthy amount of ice cream to ingest, she should not feel so free to completely shame you like that. It was your ice cream. It was literally, you snooze, you lose. She also doesn’t offer YOU food in return. She’s kind of an AH!

I used to buy the pints but it is too tempting to finish them in one sitting. Now I buy gallons and limit myself to a teacup. It’s usually feels like enough. If I really want more, I tend to eat a banana. NTA.

nearbyetiquette writes:

I would go with NTA, except that this is something that she apparently does often. OP, don’t offer your roommate any more food if you’re going to eat it before she gets to. If my roommate told me that she bought me my favorite ice cream flavor, I would take that as she bought it for me. I too would be upset if I got home less than a day after and she had eaten it. YTA.

Looks like OP is NTA. Or is she? Was is a bit selfish to eat all of the ice cream?

Sources: Reddit
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