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Pregnant woman gets revenge on man when he won't give up his seat to her on bus.

Pregnant woman gets revenge on man when he won't give up his seat to her on bus.


When this pregnant woman feels guilty about how she acted, she asks Reddit:

'AITA getting revenge on a man when he refused to remove his hand from the empty seat?'

Pretty sure I was an AH here but we'll see. So, I, f30, am 8 months pregnant. I take public transport to work daily. I'm always exhausted cause I have to work extra time to be able to afford basic necessities.

I take the bus to work everyday and often times it's packed, but I get lucky enough when decent folks volunteer their seats for me. Now I should mention that I Don use my pregnancy as an excuse to get what I want but people just offer me their places by themselves which is kind and sweet.

Wednesday, I get on the bus like usual but this time there's one empty seat, I go to sit but i find a guy in his business attire sitting there with his hand on the empty seat (sort of like resting it?) I say excuse me and ask him to remove his hand so I could sit, but he tells me the seat was 'taken'.

I ask by who and he says his hand. Ngl....I laughed a little but wasn't feeling well so I ask him to remove it so I could sit but he refuses again, folks start staring I tell him I'm tired and needed to sit and he replies saying my pregnancy isn't his problem.

I had enough at this point, my legs were burning and my back was hurting, so I go ahead and sit on his hand. He freaks out and tries to removes it quickly while shouting at me.

He then starts arguing about how disrespectful i was to do this inappropriate thing and in public no less, I argue back ngl but then he gets off after saying I was being inappropriate and disrespectful.

Everyone stares at me and I just sit there feeling a bit of shame about what happened.

I tell my husband about this incident and he wtf'd the entire time, then says that I did indeed act inappropriately and shouldn't have made this guy uncomfortable by sitting on his hand like that.

He tells me I fed up and this was totally inappropriate despite me saying I was so tired of standing and was in desperate need to sit down. AITA?

Let's find out.

jumpno5890 writes:

My first thought, as a woman who is 7 months pregnant myself & extremely petty, was that he’s lucky you didn’t piss on his hand and claim your water broke. He wanted to go low. You should’ve took it to the floor. NTA.

noxwild09 writes:

NTA. Your husband is wrong. When I was in my 20s, 30s, and 40s I used the public bus system every day and I know this kind of rider.

Sometimes they are snobs whose car is in the shop and they are horrified that they have to deal with a --gasp-- STRANGER sitting next to them. Or they are touch-phobic. Or they think 'I call dibs on two seats' should be honored on a crowded bus.

Good on you for sitting right down and not letting him get away with hogging two seats! Everybody on that bus was on your side!

sleepwalker98 writes:

NTA. His discomfort was his own damn fault. He tried to be an asshole and got pissed when you called him on it.

Frankly I'm kind of surprised more people didn't publicly shame him for being a dick while he was doing it but you handled it well on your own.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Can you believe this man? What would YOU have done in this situation?

Sources: Reddit
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