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Woman reports neighbor's crying baby to landlord. AITA? Neighbors say yes.

Woman reports neighbor's crying baby to landlord. AITA? Neighbors say yes.


When this woman is annoyed with her neighbors, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for reporting my neighbor’s crying baby to our landlord?'

I 34F live upstairs in a duplex with my two boxer/pitty mixes. I’ve lived here for 5 years (with my ex who recently moved out). Last year my neighbors (31F, 30sM) moved in downstairs after the unit had been empty for a while. They were good neighbors until this year when they had a baby.

Apparently they had to go through ivf and had a bunch of miscarriages, she posted all about it on Facebook. I thought that was TMI but whatever. I’m only her Facebook friend because she added me. She’s made a big deal about being pregnant and it’s been annoying to see but I just ignored her.

Anyway since she’s had the baby I’ve had to deal with the crying from downstairs. It’s not as bad as I expected but it still is really annoying. I’ve gone down and knocked on their door a couple of times to tell them to keep the noise down. Every time they apologize and blame their baby but nothing has changed. I got fed up and reported them to our landlord for making too much noise.

The landlord talked to my neighbors who are now turning it around on me, saying my dogs are too loud and I play music at night that wakes their baby up. My dogs aren’t that loud and hardly ever bark when I’m home. I got annoyed and went down to talk to my neighbor about it and she got really nasty with me, and blamed me and my dogs for “always” waking up her baby.

She said they can hear every one of mine and my dogs footsteps and the dogs nails on the floor specifically, that my dogs bark the whole time I’m not home during the day, and that I put my music up too loud at night.

I told her I can’t make my dogs not bark when I’m out, and that they’re dogs on hardwood floors and that I didn’t know what she expected living in a downstairs unit. I also told her I’m allowed to have people over and my music on whenever I want in my home. I don’t think it’s fair to ask me to change my life when I’m not the one who had a baby.

My neighbor got an attitude and told me she was only asking for me to be “respectful of our shared space” and brought up hearing an argument I had with my ex a few weeks ago. I admit it was a little loud but it wasn’t that big of a deal. I laughed and told her that pretty much went out the window when she had a baby but she shut the door in my face.

I reported the whole conversation to my landlord so there’s a record of my complaints because I want them and that baby out of here! When I was telling a friend about what was happening she told me I was being a major asshole to “struggling new parents” but I think that’s their problem and not mine. But I wanted to get some unbiased feedback because that friend is usually a little overemotional for my taste. AITA?

Let's find out.

brokensnownose writes:

YTA. Your entitlement and lack of self awareness is breathtaking. Never seen a more clean case of YTA and you shouldn’t have had to ask.

suneatinglionlol8 writes:

YTA. You're either insanely lacking in common sense or you're a troll lol. It's out of your control if your dogs bark when you're out, but it's not out of her control if her baby cries? Babies cry when they need something, and you have to go through this whole thing of figuring out what it is.

If they're sick or teething or whatever else, sometimes there is no easy fix to getting them to stop crying. And yet you expect her to magically make the baby shut up because it's disturbing you? Nah, get a grip. You both have living things that you chose to have and that can cause noise, you're both in the same boat and you have no moral high ground.

Plus you have your music on loud at night and you think it's fine because you're allowed to have people over? Friend, I have some bad news for you: she's allowed to have a baby lol.

bookwormtroll4 writes:

YTA: Move out. The crying is bothering you correct? So move. Babies will cry just like dogs will bark. You are clearly so distraught that you need to make complaints regarding the crying as if it’s a malicious attack towards you personally. If this is situation is that dire, move.

Looks like OP is a MAJOR AH. Any advice for her?

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