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Woman reveals 'the truth' about her friend's past to her unaware fiancé.

Woman reveals 'the truth' about her friend's past to her unaware fiancé.


When this woman tells all and potentially regrets it, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for revealing the truth about my friend to her unaware fiance?'

10ish years ago my friend, Deb, was 17, working fast food and had a manager (38ish ?). as soon as she turned 18 he started dating her and 2 months later proposed to her.

Now, if you ask Deb she'll say she didn't understand it was dating as she hadn't dated before and her parents were hardcore addicts so she didn't have people to talk to about this. she said yes because she feared of losing her job but also just wanted to get out of her homelife.

She said she liked the feeling of having someone caring about her but she never liked her manager. (personally, I think this is just her too ashamed to admit she was going to marry a much older dude and is looking for excuses)

Before their wedding she called things off and said she never wanted to talk about it because she felt so disgusted and ashamed of that relationship.

Life went on and I'd say Deb's life has improved a lot. She's engaged again with a guy a year younger than her which is pretty funny. I've asked if he knows about her relationship with her manager and she says he knows what she's comfortable with sharing.

I guess her current fiance didn't know she had said yes when proposed to, he just knew her manager had proposed to her. I split the beans during a joke I made. Everything was pretty awkward after that. AITA?

Let's find out.

pollythepony7 writes:

Maaaayor YTA. Not even a close call… OP why would you joke about something you know is embarrasing for your “friend”? And yes I put the quotation marks on purpose because I really think you cannot call yourself a friend and make horrible jokes about someone’s past and insult them in the process.

Your friend sounds like she has had a hard life with those parents. Who wouldn’t want to get away from that?

apartad98 writes:

I kind of think OP is bummed that the underdog with a messed up life is doing good now. OP can not get over the fact that they won't be able to look down upon the friend anymore.

YTA OP. A huge one. You are pathetic and have zero empathy for someone who had a difficult life.

Wow. Looks like OP is TA. Any advice for them?

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