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'AITA for feeding my friends Lord of the Rings stew? My friend's daughter cried.'

'AITA for feeding my friends Lord of the Rings stew? My friend's daughter cried.'


When this woman feels guilty about her dinner party, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for feeding a Lord of the Rings stew to my friends?'

My friends and I (mid-30s) like to have themed dinner parties. For example, we've had Spanish tapas potlucks; bought 'miracle fruit' (the stuff that makes sour foods taste sweet) and tried a bunch of things to see what they tasted like with the sour made sweet.

a friend did a Star Trek menu with plomeek soup (squash and beetroot soup), gagh (sesame noodles), jambalaya, romulan ale, and cellular peptide cake (peppermint cake); another friend did a The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe menu with toast a la Tumnus, fried fish and boiled potatoes, and Turkish Delight. Stuff like that.

I recently decided to host a Lord of the Rings meal, and emailed the invitation and menu to my friends: lembas (crispy flatbread with homemade jams and mustards), meat pies, vegetarian savory pies (potato and mushroom)...

rabbit stew, ent-draught (light spring vegetable soup), salad of foraged greens, berry tarts, beer, sweet cider, and milk, served buffet style. I invited about a dozen adults and their kids (some friends of mine, some friends-of-friends or partners-of-friends), about twenty people total.

Everything was going very well until one of the guests asked what the meat was in the rabbit stew. I thought she was joking at first, but she was completely serious, so I said, 'Well, it's rabbit.'

(I live in an area where the lack of natural predators means that we have an overabundance of deer, rabbits, game birds, etc., such that hunting them is encouraged because otherwise they tend to starve in the winter for lack of sufficient food and/or die of diseases due to overpopulation.

I have a hunter friend who trades me meat from these animals for the jams/jellies I make.) She freaked out, and her daughter started crying, and then told the other children that they were eating bunnies.

Apparently they thought that by 'rabbit stew' I meant something like what I meant by 'lembas'--I was using a fantasy term for something more 'normal.' And I guess I can sort of see it, because while they're different, cooked rabbit isn't THAT different than dark meat poultry in a stew.

I apologized for the miscommunication and for upsetting her and her daughter, but she was still livid, and said that I was the asshole for serving rabbit under any circumstances.

I again apologized for not being clearer that I really did indeed mean rabbits in the rabbit stew, but I wouldn't apologize for serving rabbit, especially as it was (in my opinion) more sustainably and humanely obtained than if I'd bought a twelve-pack of chicken thighs.

She and a few other people think I'm the AH, obviously (mostly people whose kids were upset by the 'she cooked a bunny' thing, though until it was framed to them that way, they seemed fine).

Others think that I'm not exactly an AH, but that I should have spelled out better in the invite/menu that the rabbit stew was really rabbit, and/or for not just apologizing for serving rabbit in the first place. So, AITA for serving rabbit?

Let's find out.

coolabbreviations98 writes:

Lol what kinds of idiots hear 'rabbit stew' and assume that rabbit isn't in there? I wonder if they know chicken soup has chicken in it! NTA (and this is coming from a rabbit owner lol).

adamweirdbeard writes:

Rabbits are also super efficient re how much land and resources go into producing a given weight of meat. Environmentally, we should drop beef and go all in on rabbit stew.

Also, NTA. Particularly in a context where it's routinely hunted, labeling it rabbit stew is sufficient for a reasonable person to AT LEAST suspect it is actually rabbit and ask.

barnesstt writes:

Hmm you labelled it rabbit, and as far as I'm aware rabbit is not an imaginary fantasy animal so I'm going to go with a simple NTA. Maybe next time just do them some chicken nuggets and let them be childish.

Looks like OP is NTA. What would YOU have done in this situation?

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