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Woman calls her SIL a 'typical white woman,' after tone-def attack.

Woman calls her SIL a 'typical white woman,' after tone-def attack.


When this woman is angry with her SIL, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for destroying my SIL's beadwork after what she said?'

I [F25] am an indigenous lesbian. I got off of my rez after years of hard work and lucky breaks and manage to have a home that I'll someday own completely.

My brother [27M] and his wife [37F] moved into my home about a year and a half ago because he fell on hard times. I've been allowing him to stay and help with bills, but just enough that I can ease some financial strain while also for him to save money.

I loved his wife until last Halloween. She, a Caucasian woman, dressed up as an 'Indian' to be cute, and even my brother was appalled by it; she literally put a red handprint over her mouth, which is a symbol of the heartwrenching MMIW movement, and wore a cheap Spirit buckskin outfit with feathers and a buckskin headband.

My brother begged her to change, and she wouldn't because 'If it were truly that offensive it wouldn't be sold. Y'all are just sensitive!'

We argued and she said some derogatory things about my sexuality, so I tried to kick her out. My brother switched up and got mad at me, saying she had no place to go because her mom was on drugs and she had no income, etc. but I didn't care-she could've gone back to her life before my brother. It's not my responsibility.

But my bother threatened to leave with her, and she said 'Are you really going to kick your own brother out onto the streets before winter over a costume??'

Fuming, I let them stay. My brother and are fine, but my relationship with her has been tense at best.

Anyways, I recently decided to begin beading again for some extra money and to ground myself and pray. I've been decently successful. My SIL caught onto my side hustle, and one day asked if she could try to make and sell her own.

I immediately said no. This is a special part of my culture that's extremely meaningful for me, and I'd be damned if I were to teach some typical homophobic white woman that I'm obligated to keep fed and housed as she refuses to work. This became an argument and my brother had to pull her into their room.

Yesterday, I went to see if brother was home, and neither of them were. But in their room was a Tupperware container that I've been missing FULL of MY beads, MY leather, and MY materials that I'd also thought I'd just misplaced. Under the leather was a beading project that she'd done, likely through YouTube tutorials and again, MY materials. She was making earrings.

I've never been so pissed. I took my stuff back, ripped up her project, and left the destroyed project on their bed.

When they got home, she became hysterical and started yelling at me, screaming that she was making them for her mom who'd entered recovery, and that her mom was looking forward to them.

My brother was pissed as well stating that this was his 'last straw' with me, not to contact him again, and both of them began packing. They left this morning. Our family is taking his side and believes that *I'M* the problem and that they've done no wrong. AITA?

Let's find out.

ursula88 writes:

NTA. So they were living in your house at basically cost. She refused to get a job. She is racist and homophobic AND a thief (beading materials can be expensive) and you think you are the asshole? Not even close. Lucky for you, the trash took itself out.

emeraldbluezen writes:

NTA AT ALL. OP you should've kicked SIL last time and if your bro followed suit, that totally wouldn't have been your fault. You let them stay and then she pulls this absolutely insane stunt of stealing your things.

Then they had the audacity to be angry at you and moved out on their own. So where are they staying? So it looks like they were lying last time and in fact they did have a place to go? In any case, you are better off without them. Don't let family make you feel guilty or ashamed. Just be at peace that they're gone.

aroundmycorner writes:

NTA. oh god, I'm not sure where to even begin. The costume was just messed up- 'Y'all are just sensitive!' I can't believe this.

The homophobic-ness. AND TAKING YOUR STUFF????? While living in your house and eating your food?? And your family is siding with her?? Have you told your family your side of what happened?
It's all so messed up.

I want to be ignorant and believe people like her don't exist.

Looks like OP is NTA. Can you believe SIL pulled this? Any advice for OP?

Sources: Reddit
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