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Woman storms out of New Years Eve after her dad 'ruins' family party.

Woman storms out of New Years Eve after her dad 'ruins' family party.


When this woman is mad at her father, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for storming out on New Years Eve?'

I (20s) was with my dad, mom (50s), and sister (20s) on New Year's Eve. As she usually does, my mom brought snacks for us to eat while we watched the countdown to midnight on television.

When he saw the snacks, my dad said that he was planning on watching the Peach Bowl, an American football game happening that night. My mom asked if the game would go until midnight, and my dad said he hoped not, but that he'd want to watch the game.

As it turned out, the game did go long. My mom, sister, and I eventually made our way to the television starting around an hour before midnight, but none of us cared about the game that was on. We were all on our phones and eating snacks while we waited.

As midnight approached, so did the final moments of the extremely close game. All of us asked my dad to change the channel briefly so we could watch the countdown, but he refused, saying he wanted to watch the end of the game (he had the remote). We missed it.

I was mad because the only reason I had come at all was to celebrate the start of 2023 at midnight with my family, but I'd missed it. So I said 'Happy new year' nonchalantly and left. My mom and sister were mad too, and left him there with the mess of snacks.

My dad thinks we all were super rude and insensitive since he had said in advance that he wanted to watch the game, and we knew how important it was to him. AITA for storming out when he refused to change the channel?

Let's find out.

gremlinchef writes:

NTA. Your dad basically told you and the rest of his family to take a back seat to some sportball bullshit. He's the only one who wanted to watch it, he can find another screen, to put it on.

justkillintime writes:

YTA - it was one heck of a game. Plus you DID spend 2023 with your family. You chose not to celebrate it.

If it was that important to watch a ball drop, you could have done it on your phone via YouTube. Instead of focusing on what you had (your family together in one room), you focused on some big lightbulb dropping.

mishka1776 writes:

NTA. The whole reason for you coming was to watch the ball drop and ring in New Year together. He could have turned it for 2 minutes. I’m in Georgia and that’s what we did.

Well, looks like jury's out. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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