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Woman is called 'mean curmudgeon' by neighborhood mom when she remodels driveway.

Woman is called 'mean curmudgeon' by neighborhood mom when she remodels driveway.


When this neighbor is concerned that they made an error, they ask Reddit:

'AITA for ruining 'fixing my driveway?'

I (F) wanted to pour a new walkway from the end of our driveway (which terminates in our front yard by the sidewalk) around the house to our backyard, where we have a nice little garden and gazebo set up.

There are a lot of kids and stroller Moms and Dads in our neighborhood. Some children saw the wet concrete drying and stuffed sticks and rocks into it and some carved their initials in as well, along with their palm prints.

Well, I was not thrilled. I dug out the debris, then smoothed the concrete back over and put up a sign reading 'Please do not disturb, drying.'

A Mom I'm usually friendly with (we've walked our dogs alongside each other) said I was a 'mean old curmudgeon' who was 'ruining precious childhood memories for the kids,' who may want to go back and look at their initials and palm prints one day and 'reminisce.'

Someone else took my sign down, I noticed, the next day; it was lying in my yard by the birdbath, far away from where I'd placed it. Am I really the asshole for this? It's my private property. These aren't my kids.

Let's find out.

katja1236 writes:

NTA. Tell the Mom in question that vandalizing other people's property isn't 'making memories' and there are plenty of plaster mold sets she can buy for that purpose. Ask her if you can spray graffiti all over the front of her house and require her to keep it so you can revisit old memories later.

illustriousshirt569 writes:

NTA. That’s appalling. They don’t get to mark your property with permanent marks without getting your permission (and it would be so weird to ask). The parents can pour their own bit of concrete for a few buck if they want to let the kids do that.

climbaclimbacameleon writes:

NTA. Writing your initials in a section of street or public sidewalk? Sure. Doing it to someone’s personal property? Yeah, hard no.

(Not even touching the sticks and debris, that’s just vandalism). You should leave out a hammer and chisel so they can carve initials into their own parents walkways.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for them in dealing with these ridiculous neighbors?

Sources: Reddit
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