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Woman gets accused of trying to f*** her MIL's fiancé, DIL swears fiancé is lying.

Woman gets accused of trying to f*** her MIL's fiancé, DIL swears fiancé is lying.


When this woman is extremely upset with her MIL, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for talking to my MIL's fiance?'

MIL has hated me from day one. She is a MIL from hell, snide comments, 'oh I was just joking. You are so sensitive', excluding me from things, and straight up telling the therapist when we did group therapy that she 'hates me'

My husband has a shiny spine and we are very low contact, but do still see her since we have mutual family. MIL recently got engaged to someone she went to high school with.

Apparently they really really hated each other which isn't too surprising. MIL has admitted she was a mean girl in high school (lol she thinks she is better now)

Anyway someone recently asked them if they were high school sweethearts and MIL was like oh God no we hated each other.

Person laughed and MIL said 'no I mean real hate, like he reenacted the pig's blood scene from Carrie) I immidiatley perked up because I need to hear that story. He quickly clarified it was paint and then unfortunately the conversation moved on.

Later I asked her fiance about it. He said it's a funny story but he wasn't going to tell me as he knows how I feel about her and it seems mean. I pointed out that he is the one who did it, and he is literally still smirking while talking about it.

He said that he can laugh at her, I can't. Honestly I was just being playful, batting my eyelashes, asking in a cutsey voice and stuff, but he continued to say no and I let it go.

Well imagine my shock when I heard through family that he told MIL I was flirting with him. That i'm trying to 'f***' him. AS IF. I'd hurl.

MIL said she wasn't even going to confront me but did tell her sister to show how 'pathetic' I am and because apparently this is proof that I am the problem. I immidiatley confronted her fiance and he said I was being flirty and it would be weird not to tell her.

I am furious. I feel so betrayed. He clearly made something out of nothing, so I said I would not be alone with him under any circumstances.

Well the other day MIL realized I was serious when she went to take something out of the oven and I followed her into the kitchen (hubby was in the bathroom) MIL called me ridiculous and a child.

I also set a boundary that unless he formally apologizes in front of the family I will not be going to the wedding. He is refusing, and i guess I feel a little bad about my husband not going if I don't go, but I have to stick to my boundaries. AITA?

Let's find out.

lizzutt writes:

YTA. Omg, grow up. Being cutesy and batting your eyelashes at this dude who almost assuredly dislikes you? Ew.

gurnipan writes:

Being nice to men apparently is also considered as flirting. Let alone batting eyelashes, being cutesy and all.

I dont understand what’s the point of you digging your MIL’s history from her fiance, you want to use it as an ammo against her if she hurt you again? Set your boundary right OP and stay on low contact with your in laws for your own good. YTA

thebabes87 writes:

YTA. He didn't lie, by your own admission you were attempting to charm him. MIL sounds unpleasant, but at least in this situation, you are the one in the wrong. If you dislike these people so much, stop being around them.

Okay, looks like OP is TA. But maybe the MIL had it coming? What do YOU think?

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