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Bride tells MOH to 'take her meds' to prep for wedding, bridal party claps back.

Bride tells MOH to 'take her meds' to prep for wedding, bridal party claps back.


When this bride is upset with her MOH, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for calling out my MOH for what she did on my wedding?'

My MOH and also my best friend and I have been in a fight right now because she refused to give a speech on my wedding. All people close to me and my husband gave one except her, my literal best friend.

The reason was that she has social anxiety and she was too scared to get on the mic and say something. Many times I assured her it's not that hard and I could help write a speech to make it easier for her but she said it doesn't matter if the speech is already written or not, she can't do it.

Even on the day of the wedding I tried to persuade her but she kept saying no. People told me to stop pressing the matter and just move on. But I'm still mad and I spoke with her after the wedding and called her ridiculous for what she did.

Now many people including my other bridesmaids are calling me inconsiderate and say that I should respect her boundaries instead of shaming her for not doing something that's causing her anxiety.

I told them that she could just take her meds and she'd be fine but they called me an ignorant AH for trying to suggest what she should do just so she could give a speech to my wedding. AITA?

Let's find out.

completedef writes:

Here is Op best friend's speech for her. I have known Op for this many years and I love her very much and used to think she is a wonderful beautiful person not anymore, she has turned into a Total bridezilla and I don't want to be up here...

but unfortunately she has forced me to be up here and make a speech to feed her ego and tell you all how lovely she is and what a wonderful person she is. Well not anymore thank you for listening. Puts mic down walks away.

introverteduser writes:

Agreed! I got married, and my MOH didn’t want to give a speech. She didn’t have social anxiety. She just… didn’t want to give a speech. Know what I said? “Okay. You don’t have to give a speech.”

I could never find pleasure in forcing someone to say nice things about me. At best, they’d be saying things they feel but for the wrong reasons. At worst, they’d be saying things they don’t feel, also for the wrong reasons. YTA OP.

tosser9212 writes:

YTA. If you absolutely needed your MOH to speak at your reception, YOU chose the wrong MOH; after all, you knew of her social anxiety.

Diminishing that, badgering and bullying her did nothing to help either of you, and I'd venture that it's seriously damaged your friendship. You can't be trusted to deal with her even when she's told you her truth.

Well, looks like this bridezilla is a MAJOR AH. Should her MOH cut her out of her life?

Sources: Reddit
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