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Pregnant woman forced to hide 'weird' eating habits from 'spying' in-laws. AITA?

Pregnant woman forced to hide 'weird' eating habits from 'spying' in-laws. AITA?


When this woman feels like her space is being invaded, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for refusing to eat breakfast or lunch in the same room as my in-laws because they keep giving my husband updates on how much I’m eating?'

I’ve been struggling my entire pregnancy to keep food down and I lost too much weight in the beginning. Things are getting better but everybody, especially my husband, is overly concerned about my eating habits now but it’s only making it harder for me to eat.

We live with my in-laws so I usually have breakfast and lunch with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

I’ve stopped having meals with them, though, as they give my husband an update on how much I’ve eaten at each meal which usually leads to him telling me I need to eat more. I’ve asked them to stop but it didn’t helped.

I’ve started lying and claiming I’m tired so they’ll send food up to my room instead. My husband asked me to stop doing this as his mother is upset that I’m avoiding them and they’re all worried about my health.

I’ve refused to so during the last few days he’s been having both meals with me in our room. We keep arguing over this and I know it’s a huge inconvenience for him to take time out of work to eat with me, so am I the asshole for continuing to refuse to eat my meals with them?

Let's find out.

wasteproperty writes:

NTA! My mum was friends with a woman who had a severe eating disorder her whole life, including extreme under eating and purging during pregnancy.

She was so deep into the ED she couldn't see that was affecting the fetal health too, she was maybe 75 pounds soaking wet at 9 months pregnant, over 5'10. Her daughter was born with a huge amount of permanent medical issues.

I'm hoping that's not the case with op but I think op should have an honest talk with her doctor in regards to eating habits if there is a doubt.

If both her and her unborn are healthy and absolutely N T A.

lalalalambi writes:

NTA You are pregnant and some women have difficulty keeping food down when they are pregnant.

Your husband and in-laws are treating you more like a child with an ED than an adult pregnant woman who is capable of regulating her own food intake as best you can.

This kind of behavior that are exhibiting towards you sometimes makes for more issues as it can create stress and anxiety around eating, doing more harm than good.

Is it possible to go stay with family or friends for a week to alleviate some of the stress and make a plan for how to address this issue around the food micromanagement?

ladyvalkyrie420 writes:

NTA. Granted, I've always been of a heftier build, but for the first 7 months of my pregnancy I lost weight before gaining a bit back the last couple months and have weighed less ever since birth than I ever did before it.

I highly suggest smoothies, cucumbers, and muffins. The first two aren't bad coming up, the last one generally doesn't try to. Go slow, snacking lightly.

No one should be monitoring you like this! Stress is far more harmful to the baby and to you! And if your husband is allowing you to be bombarded and inciting their behavior, he needs to stop.

You can't force these things, and the more you try the more damage you'll cause.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her as she deals with her inlaws and husband?

Sources: Reddit
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