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Woman tells parents, 'do not expose your disgusting habits to my kids on Xmas.'

Woman tells parents, 'do not expose your disgusting habits to my kids on Xmas.'


When this mom is annoyed with her parents, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for giving my parents an ultimatum during the holidays?'

I am so over my parents disgusting habit. I have told my parents over and over that I was done allowing them to smoke with my children in the house. They keep saying that they won't do it anymore and then they forget.

So today we went over for Christmas dinner. And my mom and dad are both smoking. So we dropped off their gifts and left. We didn't even get the kids out of their car seats.

I called my dad from the road and told him that I wasn't going to expose my kids to second hand smoke even for one minute. I'm done. I grew up having to put up with that but I'm not doing that to my kids.

I told him and my mom that from now on they could smoke to their heart's content in their house and car but our kids would not be going there. My mom is very upset with me but I'm just done.

My dad says that I cannot dictate how he behaves in his home. And I agree. I am not saying he can't smoke there. Only that his grandchildren won't be there if he does. aita?

Let's find out.

hugeperformer8213 writes:

NTA, as a life long smoker, I refuse to impose my habits/choices on others. I do not smoke indoors, near my kids, or in public in a non marked smoking area.

angrybeaver83 writes:

NTA - if their regularly smoking in their home the toxins are in the air wether they are actively smoking or not. You set a safety boundary for your kids, there’s nothing wrong with it.

mars2006 writes:

NTA. Even if they stopped smoking inside DAYS earlier, that nasty smell still lingers in the furniture, so it will transfer to your kids’ clothes & hair. Side note: anyone who says air fresheners will get rid of the aroma has obviously gone nose blind, because that will only add flowers (or whatever scent) on top of the smoke.

I used to work with someone who smoked outside like a freight train, then bathed in Fabreeze before coming back into the office, where she invaded everyone’s personal space.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for her?

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