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Husband regifts wife's 'special' Xmas present to his sister; family says, 'you idiot.'

Husband regifts wife's 'special' Xmas present to his sister; family says, 'you idiot.'


When this man is conflicted on x-mas, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for giving my wife’s Christmas present to my sister?'

I’m (44M) and my wife (39F) and my sister(39F) I will try keep it short and sweet. I’m using my 2nd account because my real account has my wife.

This below part is just a background why my sister lives with us atm. My sister is back with us at the moment and been living with us since october because of on going divorce with her husband.

My wife was not fan of this and wanted my sister out and told me to give her our other accommodation which we own to my sister whilst she settles for divorce but my sister wants to live with us as she gets lonely and won’t have anyone cook for her because this whole thing is stressing her out.

My wife has left our business cus of broken leg so she can help with the cooking for my sister.

Since the start of the year my wife been wanting Dyson Air thing for Hair(I don’t get the excitement) and yes I bought her the gift in November for xmas and I wrapped it and put it in our garage.

Few days ago my sister was wrapping gifts for xmas and asked me what I got for my wife I told her its a Dyson Hair product and a Gucci perfume(around £700 in total) my sister got excited for my wife but sad again and said she wanted Dyson Hair product too and used to beg her husband to buy it for but he never did.

Apparently he gifted the Dyson to his now GF. This obviously made me sad so I wanted to buy her another Dyson hair product same as my wife. I also had wrapped shoes for my sister for xmas.

I went to different stores but it was sold out (my luck) I looked online and it would only be delivered after xmas. Because there was no option for my sister I just removed the name sticker and put my sisters name gifted the Dyson I bought for my wife to my sister. Keep this in mind I bought my wife extra gucci perfume she STILL got the gift.

And yesterday I gave everyone their gift and everyone was happy!! Until my mum told me that she saw my wife’s face during the gift giving and my wife looked hurt apparently and asked me why I didn’t gift my wife the Dyson instead?

(I thought she was happy with the gift perfume I gave) I told my mum the truth and my mother is calling me an A-hole. My parents wanted to buy my wife Dyson hair for xmas but asked me before they bought it so I told them I was going to buy it for my wife. So they thought I’d actually give it to my wife and not change the plan last min.

Now my mum told our aunty too snd she thinks I was a-hole and idiot too. I told them I will buy my wife again cus we will have plenty of time but they think it won’t be the same as “xmas magic” so aita?

Let's find out.

moonchildway writes:

Oh My Goodness - YTA. First off how is it fair to anyone that you make some else happy on other person’s account!

Poor Wife, she has a guest in her house against her will, for whom she is also cooking for because apparently the Sister is just very very sad. And now she has to compromise on her gifts too! As the comment said! - we can clearly see why she got divorced and why your marriage will be rocky too.

dirtthat1403 writes:

Hello, expecting the wife to cook for her with 2 fully functional legs is still being an asshole. My eyes rolled so far back into my head I lost one when I read the sister refused a free place to stay bc she demanded to stay with the brother so she could have company and someone to cook for her.

Op is lucky...if I were the wife he'd be writing in the legal advice sub asking for divorce lawyers. It's bizarre how op prioritizes his sister over literally everyone else. And his parents didn't set that tone so you have to wonder where it comes from. Op and sister major YTA.

Wow, looks like OP is an AH. Any advice for him?

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