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Wife furious after husband gets her 'the worst Christmas gift ever.' AITA?

Wife furious after husband gets her 'the worst Christmas gift ever.' AITA?


When this woman is furious on Christmas, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for not appreciating a gift from my husband?'

It could be funny if it wasn’t so sad to me. My husband of 8 years lost his earphones and always borrows mine, so I decided to get them new ones for Christmas.

He also mentioned that he would like to have a better speaker to use in our kitchen and living room, so I got him one as well. Just for context, I never listen to music at home because I’m already constantly overstimulated caring for three children.

You’ll never guess what he got „me“ for Christmas. Earphones and a speaker. Believe it or not, the exact same ones, so now we have two of each. I guess at least I know I got him exactly what he wanted…

He started laughing his ass off, but to me it felt like a slap in the face, especially after the difficult year we’ve had.

I couldn’t believe he’d get me something only he would be using, something that wasn’t actually for me. So I said a little dryly: „Huh, so I got you something you wanted and you got you something you wanted. That is funny“. Literally the worst gift ever.

He snapped and left the room. I iced him out for a while. Later he explained that we had agreed we’d only give each other a small gift and he thought it was something practical. AITA for still being a little hurt over this?

Let's find out.

auntofmillions write:

NTA He def bought something for himself. Hope you've taken them back to get something you want.

lizzbum writes:

NTA - I would be hurt as well. You feel completely unseen and not taken seriously. You sound like the primary care giver and it’s a thankless job. All we need is some acknowledgement from our partners and not some half ass excuse for paying no attention. Release your guilt for being rightfully pissed!

almondcutebanana writes:

NTA If he was thinking of giving you something practical, it must have been something practical for you. Maybe a spa day or something that will help you listen to the silence for a few hours.

I am a full time mother of 3 and I understand what it feels like to be overstimulated all day and not even be able to listen to half a song because you are overwhelmed. You should try to talk to him about how you feel and he should apologize.

Looks like OP's husband is TA. Any advice for this poor wife?

Sources: Reddit
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