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Woman 'humiliates' parents on Xmas; says they showed who their favorites are.

Woman 'humiliates' parents on Xmas; says they showed who their favorites are.


When this woman is upset with her parents on x-mas, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for calling out my parents in front of the family and ruining Christmas and New Year's?'

I (40F) have four siblings. Between the five of us, my parents have nine grandchildren.

While we were at my parents' house for dinner and for the kids to get their presents from them, in the middle of handing out their presents to everyone they gave my nieces *Monica* and *Jill* a big box and said that this present was from them and my sister and BIL and it was something they were going to have to share.

They opened it up and it was a Playstation 5. Many of my nieces and nephews were upset and jealous over the girls' present and rightfully so.

My parents tried to explain that the girls had already expressed interest in sharing one and that their parents asked for help so instead of the girls getting two-three presents like everyone else, my parents put what they would've spent on the girls toward the console and their parents paid the rest.

I called BS on my parents and told them they just showed all the kids who their favorite grandchildren were. Now their grandkids know the truth. Congrats.

My parents said that wasn't true, they didn't spend any more on the girls than they did anyone else and that if there were big purchases we wanted to get the kids they would've helped and that would've been their 'gifts' to them.

I told them I didn't buy that one bit or else they would have offered to help instead of waiting to be asked and more importantly they wouldn't have gifted it to the girls in front of everyone. Besides kids don't offer to share things like that.

They said that they thought it best to do it there so they could put it into context for all the grandchildren instead of risking the girls saying that they got it from Grammy and Pops. We argued about it, my parents said I'm trying to humiliate them, so I took my kids and left.

My parents have been trying to call me since Sunday to talk and my husband thinks I should hear them out.

One of my siblings is mad at me because now their kids are all upset because they believed me when I called out our parents favoring Monica and Jill.

Now their kids and mine don't want to go over to my parents' house which is ruining New Year's for them because our parents were going to watch any of the kids that needed babysitting, and our parents are upset the kids don't want to go over anymore.

I was just advocating for my children but AITA for calling my parents out in front of everyone the way I did?

ALSO. There are other instances of my parents favoring Jill and Monica. They'll give Jill and Monica money for their extracurricular trips and similar things, while my brother and I have aired struggling to pay for extracurriculars for our kids before.

My parents say and do nothing except tell our kids that they shouldn't give up their hobbies/sports when we made the decision to pull them out.

My parents have also been made aware in the past when one of us was struggling to get a gift one of our kids really wanted and not a damn thing was said.

So no, I really don't believe their BS story or excuse that they would've given help if asked, they should've brought it up to all of us if they really were asked to help so we could've had the same opportunity with our kids' gifts.

Since they didn't, they should have had the girls open the gift at my sister's house, not made an entire spectacle of it. AITA?

Let's find out.

hrhrht writes:

Agree with the YTA, if they have an issue they can discuss this privately. Also, I really want to know how they showed them, OOP doesn't talk about what everyone else got. Did they get significantly cheaper gifts? Is this an ongoing issue?

Edit: never mind, I got my answer, every kid got 125$ worth of stuff and they combined the girls gifts and paid 250$ to the parents to buy the PS5. You are such an asshole.

missmurder writes:

I completely disagree with you, and that is coming from someone who weren't the favourite grandchild, I wish someone had called my grandma on it because it was really fucking obvious after a while.

My cousins would always get amazing gifts while me and my brother wouldn't, it was so obvious that when I grew up I didn't even bother anymore to even go or spend time with them, once you realise the favouritism had been going own since always... For no specific reason. I wish someone had called it out for what it was, NTA.

sparearticle76 writes:

Regardless of whether you believed them or not, YTA for doing this in front of the other kids. And I find your reaction completely extreme. You said that sis and BIL asked, and your parents said they would have done the same had anyone else asked. So I don’t think they’re showing any favoritism.

Although obviously a feeling of favoritism isn’t a one off thing, so no one could really say without knowing how they treat everyone for all the past Christmases and events.

Well, seems like the jury's out on this one. Is OP TA? What do YOU think?

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