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Woman tells MIL truth about why she 'punished' husband, he says, 'don't humiliate me.'

Woman tells MIL truth about why she 'punished' husband, he says, 'don't humiliate me.'


When this woman is upset with her MIL, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for being honest with MIL about why my husband slept on the couch and humiliating him?'

My husband and I had a big fight last night because of how he was talking about the women his two boss's are married to. Basically he works at a firm owned by two business partners and their wives despise each other.

Everyone at the firm knows it, so they decided to do a prank at the company party and get them to unknowingly wear the same dress. Personally i didn't think it was funny as I don't like seeing women treated like that, but everyone thought it was hilarious.

I recently overheard my husband talking to a co-worker and the guy mentioned having a good picture of it. My husband made a joke about how he can send him that picture as they are both so beautiful it would be like having a piece of art. Needless to say I was beyond hurt. i had him sleep on the couch.

MIL came over later in the day to pick up our kids. She is pretty nosy and usually when she asks questions i am honest and tell her it is none of her business, but i thought she should know what type of son she raised, so when she asked why there were pillows and blankets on the couch I answered honestly.

MIL thought it was funny and told FIL who made a gross comment about how if my husband was more successful maybe he could have a wife who looked like them.

This really hurt my husband and now he is saying I'm an asshole because I 'know how his parents are' and I weaponized them to hurt him. He feels I was petty as I normally have no issue telling MIl to mind her own business. AITA?

Let's find out.

hangryspectre writes:

WTF is wrong with all the men in this situation?

From the conniving coworkers conspiring to pit two women against each other for their own entertainment, to the creepy husband wanting a photo of said women, to the asshole FIL insinuating that OP isn't attractive enough and saying his son could get a good-looking wife if he was more successful?

OP being honest with her MIL may be construed as an AH move, but was justified in my opinion. Since we're not allowed to vote for justified AH I'm voting NTA.

hiddendestiny writes:

This was not humiliation. OP told the truth. It made her husband look like a vile, shameless misogynist. Because he is one. Your comment is clearly in sympathy. Asking OP to ‘use her big girl words’ to a vile misogynist is vile misogyny in itself.

OP exposed him. People like that deserve to be exposed. If it’s ‘humiliating’ then they deserve it. But I really doubt it. The likes of these people don’t feel any shame. He didn’t feel the shame of treating his boss’s wives like pieces of meat, did he?

NTA. It’s just a pity that OP wasted the ‘humiliation’ on MIL and FIL who seem just as bad - the apple didn’t fall far.

hourperformance872 writes:

YTA, but I do think this is a pretty straightforward case of 'actions, meet consequences'. Your actions: Being silly about what sounds like a chance remark,Running and telling on your husband to your MIL...

Getting upset when your MIL thinks you're being silly. The consequences:MIL thinks you're a twit. FIL is making snide remarks at you. Husband is cross, probably more about you trying to sow discord with his parents than about your original silliness. I mean, duh.

There seem to be a lot of opinions about OP's behavior. Is she an AH? Or is she surrounded by AHs? Thoughts?

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