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24 of the funniest posts from your neighbors on Best of NextDoor.

24 of the funniest posts from your neighbors on Best of NextDoor.


NextDoor was founded in 2008, and in 2021 it was valued at $4.3b. Wow! Who knew you could create a website that is mostly for people complaining about their neighbors and have it grow to be worth that much money? Actually, a site about complaining about neighbors makes a ton of sense. Wish I had thought of that.

Over on Twitter a site collects the funniest, weirdest and most outgrages posts from NextDoor. Here are 24 of our recent favorites.

1. This is actually very important. Please, everyone do this.

2. See #3.

3. LOL.

4. How un-American!

5. Good to see Karyn had a think about this one.

6. That's not how polls work.

7. New favorite insult. Hey soup boy!

8. Some people have jokes.

9. Maybe it's where they burried the bananas?

10. STFU

11. Cat cam.

12. This actually seems reasonable.

13. Sweet.

14. Phil's probably alright.

15. Random acts of sweetness.

16. Patrick needs to simmer down a bit. We've all had hi emergencies.

17. The person from post #1 should see this.

18. Rock hard, then spoiled the next day. And they cost $3.99.


20. Calling the police was a hamfisted way to handle this. Sorry.

21. When parental controls backfire on you.

22. Wifi beef.

23. Sometimes this site just makes a lot of sense.

24. Big idea: CatNextDoor for only cat related posts. Don't steal that idea.

We do know that NextDoor has ad issues with people targeting minorities, which we don't support. This post is in no way an edorsement of NextDoor. It's actually making fun of the weirdos on NextDoor.

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