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15 people share the worst name they've heard for a child.

15 people share the worst name they've heard for a child.


The world would be a supremely boring place if everyone had the same kinds of names.

Personal taste, cultural heritage, and generational trends all impact what kinds of names people give their babies. And it can be fascinating to witness all of the creativity and variety that show up in the naming process.

That said, there are some names that almost everyone can agree are bad.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the worst names they've ever heard for a child, and it's a wild ride.

1. From doguillo77:


2. From WrenleyVan:

I once met a girl named Cliche 😭

3. From manson6t6:

I worked with a guy a few years ago named Eidderf. His father's name was Freddie.

4. From TeacupHuman:


5. From disturbednadir:

There was a real estate guy in my town when I was a kid, who's name, I kid you not...

Dick Pride

I actually went to school with his son, Dickie Pride, who later was a pro-golfer for a minute.

6. From Imaginary-Reason-223:


7. From Cerealsforkids:

Know a girl whose name is Satin, but spelled Satan.

8. From IntrepidCoyote7343:

Somewhere in Utah (if they haven’t moved), there is a boy named Voldemort. VOLDEMORT. My friend’s child went to daycare with him.

9. From gudwitch:

Aunesty (Pronounced Honesty) 🙄

10. From elliobent:

My cousin’s friend wanted her son to have a biblical name so he would grow up with good morals. She called him Herod.

11. From SheNickSun:

Sputnik. I'm serious. Kid on my street.

12. From the_Brunette_Barbie:


13. From Lonely_Funny9987:


14. From Particular-Mall-1882:

Immaculate Frostbite is a real boy's name from Alberta, Canada baby names database (early 90s).

15. From alskadeangel:

I worked in a kindergarten awhile ago and there was a child named 'Creamy.' The parents spoke English really well as well so they knew what it meant. I never asked...but always judged.

Sources: Reddit
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